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How to work with a visual designer to quickly produce a logo

Moving forward in our web and mobile development tutorial series, here we'll take a break from writing code and get back to the branding and visual design aspects of our app that we'll be building step-by-step together. Specifically, we'll look at the process of coming up with a suitable logo for launch (i.e. it always changes later, so relax and trust your designer).

Introducing the app we’ll be building publicly step-by-step

At this point in our web and mobile development series I'll introduce you to the specific app we will be building together. We'll follow the steps we mentioned in my previous post “So you have an app idea. Now what?” — which means I'll attempt to actually “walk the walk” and follow my own advice.

So you have an app idea. Now what?

Having already introduced the major software tools we'll be using as we move forward in our web and mobile development series, here we'll pause for a moment to consider the process of what to do, step-by-step, after you get an idea for an “app” (which we'll define generally as user-facing software, knowing the modern context is usually browser-based and native-mobile interfaces).

Introduction to web and mobile development for startup founders

This series of tutorials is a fast-paced, step-by-step, get-to-the-point introduction to building, deploying, and scaling software applications for desktop and mobile devices.