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HealthTech entrepreneurship, SARS-CoV-2 variants vs. vaccines, and taking back the Internet

In this newsletter I talk about this week's podcast, data from Moderna, and Web 3.0.

HealthTech entrepreneurship, surviving cancer, and starting FertilityAnswers :: with Alice Crisci

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Alice Crisci (https://www.instagram.com/fertilityanswers_/) and I discuss her journey as a cancer survivor and entrepreneur in the medical/fertility space. While many people turn to “Dr. Google” when trying to find answers to their medical questions, Alice and her team have created a more sophisticated and personalized approach for finding answers to fertility-related questions. In addition to talking about MedAnswers and their first vertical, FertilityAnswers, Alice and I also talk about mental health for founders, how to validate an initial entrepreneurial idea, and how to think about smart resource allocations for effective go-to-market strategies.

Social Entrepreneurship, Linting, and Automated System Testing

In this newsletter I write about the podcast from this week with Valerie Groth, and parts 9 and 10 of the technical founder training series.

From social work to social entrepreneurship and starting an inner-city boarding school :: The Ryan Banks Academy story, with Valerie Groth

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Valerie Groth (https://www.ryanbanksacademy.org/) and I discuss the Ryan Banks Academy story, her background in social work and in Chicago Public Schools, resiliency when starting a school and nonprofit, and life for students in a pandemic. With social entrepreneurship gaining increased attention globally, we dive into a number of topics in this conversation to help founders think about relevant issues to address with new ventures.

Automated system testing with Rspec in a Ruby on Rails app :: Full-stack web development "Hello World" tutorials for entrepreneurs: Part 10 of 10

This post is the final part of a 10-part series within a series that is designed to teach full-stack web development for entrepreneurs. Here we’ll introduce the topic of automated testing with Rspec within a Ruby on Rails app. We’ll work through writing “system tests” as an example, which allows us to mimic the behavior of manually clicking through a browser and filling things out. Our system tests will be used to ensure our previously developed forms in Rails, React, and Turbo won’t break with future code commits.

Code Formatting and Linting in Ruby and JavaScript :: Full-stack web development "Hello World" tutorials for entrepreneurs: Part 9 of 10

This post is part 9 of a 10-part series within a series that is designed to teach full-stack web development for entrepreneurs. Here we’ll dive into the topics of automated code formatting and linting to maintain consistent code styles and help us catch bugs before they get committed to our code repository.

Listening to your community

In this newsletter I discuss the latest podcast episode of Ventures with Foxy Davison and discuss more in depth why it's important to architect systems to listen deeply to your customer/user communities.

Listening to your community, empowering the marginalized, and knowing when to step back :: with Foxy Davison

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Foxy Davison and I discuss her journey as a community advocate and venture-builder in Seattle’s Central District and beyond. Foxy has a remarkable ability to listen and serve, and we - as fellow entrepreneurs - have many things to learn from her about how to pay attention to our communities. In addition to hearing about her entrepreneurial pursuits, we also discuss how to focus and step back from opportunities that might otherwise seem important, and how to effectively develop an internal compass in order to say yes and no to the appropriate things.

How to upgrade Ruby versions for your Ruby on Rails app

Continuing our technical founder training series, in this short post we’ll walk through upgrading Ruby versions for our Rails app.

TikTok won Web 2.0

In this week's newsletter I discuss my podcast with Jed Collins and the need for ushering in the Web 3.0 era.

Teaching financial literacy after the NFL and embracing TikTok for marketing :: with Jed Collins

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Jed Collins (https://www.tiktok.com/@fullbackoffinance) and I discuss the basics of financial literacy and Jed’s journey into the NFL and entrepreneurial venture thereafter. Of particular interest is not only Jed’s story and important content he is teaching young people, but also how he has been using TikTok as a marketing engine to grow his business.

End of year podcast (a bit of a Random Show) and more updates on technical founder training

In this newsletter I talk about the latest podcast on cybersecurity, rapid antigen tests, the Enneagram, technical founder training, and approaching New Year's resolutions.

Cybersecurity, Rapid Antigen Tests, Learning to Code, the Enneagram, and Meta-Level New Year’s Resolutions :: with Sol Cates

In this episode of Ventures, Sol Cates (https://twitter.com/solcates, cloud and cybersecurity expert at Thales) and I discuss advice for founders regarding technical infrastructure security. We also have a bit of a Random Show at the end of the year here as we discuss ways to combat COVID-19, provide technical founder training, practice self-discovery with the Enneagram, and think about New Year’s Resolutions.

Hotwire with Turbo Frames, Turbo Streams, StimulusReflex, and CableReady :: Full-stack web development "Hello World" tutorials for entrepreneurs: Part 8 of 10

This post is part 8 of a 10-part series within a series that is designed to teach full-stack web development for entrepreneurs. Here we’ll dive into the recently released Hotwire stack with Ruby on Rails and leverage Hotwire’s Turbo Frames and Turbo Streams. We’ll compare side-by-side how Turbo Frames can be used alongside StimulusReflex, and how CableReady can be used to expand upon the current feature set of Turbo Streams. In addition, since we already set up a comparable “Hello World” example in Redux/React in parts 5, 6, and 7 of this mini-series, we’ll demonstrate how “HTML over the wire” solutions like Hotwire and StimulusReflex/CableReady can potentially save startup founders a significant amount of time - compared to Redux/React - to achieve modern, reactive web experiences for users.

How to upgrade Ruby on Rails using Visual Studio Code's source control interface

This post is designed for those following along our Technical Founder Training series. Rails has a fantastic guide for upgrading versions, so in this post we are going to walk through it using Visual Studio Code, our code editor of choice in this series. Specifically, we’re going to use an example of upgrading from Rails 6.0 to Rails 6.1, which had a large number of feature updates. When upgrading Rails, it’s generally a good idea to update gems and Javascript libraries at the same time, so we’ll discuss examples of doing that as well.