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Wealth management and creating a DAO

Will's General Newsletter (weekly): Nov 23, 2021

Wealth creation and management for entrepreneurs in the 2020s :: with Aryeh Sheinbein

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Aryeh Sheinbein (https://www.instagram.com/aryehthebusinessman) and I discuss a unique approach to financial management for entrepreneurs in light of a rapidly changing tech landscape. While we talk often about venture building and investing on this show, we haven’t yet - until this episode - helped guide entrepreneurs about what to do personally once money is being made. There are a ton of wealth managers out there who bombard entrepreneurs with inbound requests to meet - especially once signs of success start happening - so we talk about how to prepare for that event and plan to navigate the attention. Overall, entrepreneurs today have many new avenues for generating income, and my conversation with Aryeh - who approaches wealth management differently as an entrepreneur/investor himself - is a refreshing perspective on how to approach the topic and mindset.

Web3, entrepreneurship, Twitter, and building vs. talking

Will's General Newsletter: November 16, 2021

How Web 3.0 will impact the future of entrepreneurship

In this episode of Ventures, I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle/) take about ~10min to talk about my perspective on why Web 3 (i.e. decentralized ownership, blockchains, Metaverse, and the Semantic Web) will dramatically change the landscape for entrepreneurship in the future. Based on feedback from the first year of this podcast, I share a bit about my story; i.e. how building and *owning* my own Web 2.0 ventures in the 2000s is analogous to what many entrepreneurs are doing right now in Web 3 communities. New communities and networks are being created rapidly, and the markets that our children will participate in the future are almost impossible for us to conceive of today.

DAOs and the advent of Web 3 coordination

In this week's newsletter I talk about (1) the podcast episode I just released with Spencer Graham on DAOs, and (2) how/why DAOs are such a big deal for the future of humanity.

The past, present, and future of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) :: with Spencer Graham

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Spencer Graham (https://twitter.com/spengrah) and I discuss all-things DAOs. We talk about the history of DAOs, specific case studies and types, a compelling no-code platform (https://DAOHaus.club), when and why to use DAOs, and the promising future of these organizations in the overall technology and innovation space.

A vision for urban wellness, and reimagining productivity in the Web 3 era

In this week's newsletter I talk about (1) the podcast w/ Jairus Morris I released, and (2) thoughts about productivity in the Web 3 era.

The SUPLMNT story: a vision for urban wellness :: with Jairus Morris

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Jairus Morris (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jairus-morris-41a85355/) and I discuss his entrepreneurial journey starting and growing SUPLMNT (https://suplmnt.com/, ← if you are looking for a beautifully designed water bottle, check these out). We discuss his background, early validation experiments, team recruitment strategy, fundraising tactics, vision for his company, and advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Practical tips and strategies for B2B sales, and helping founders navigate the idea-to-seed-stage journey

In this newsletter I share details about this week's podcast and general thoughts about the idea-to-seed journey for founders.

B2B sales strategies and practical tips for startup business development :: with Ken Lundin

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Ken Lundin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kglundin/) and I discuss a wide variety of strategies and tactics for improving sales traction and business development processes in a growing startup. We talk about Ken's journey into sales, how founders should reach out to (and land) early customers, how tangible goods companies should think about retail sales strategies, and how to run experiments and make sales decisions with data.

Alpha cohort for Web 3 product manager training: Do you know a PM who should apply?

In this week's newsletter I talk about the call-to-action my partners and I have for product managers interested in rapidly getting up to speed on Web 3.

Want to learn how to be a Web 3 product manager? Let’s talk.

In this episode of Ventures, I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle/) recorded a short monologue that describes why my partners and I at Prota Ventures are gathering a cohort of Web 3 product-managers-in-training to rapidly get up to speed on Web 3 patterns, tools, technologies, and networks. For more information and background listening/reading about the vision and mission of the training, visit https://satchel.works/@wclittle/blockchains.

Leveraging science and wearables to improve your health and fitness

In this week's newsletter I talk about this week's podcast episode (a clip from episode 11), continuous glucose monitors, and a fantastic resource for health science education.

Heart disease, fasting, and cholesterol: An introduction to basic lipidology :: with Dave Feldman

In this episode of Ventures, I introduce a clip w/ Dave Feldman (https://twitter.com/daveketo/) from Episode 11 where we discuss lipoproteins, fasting, cholesterol, low-carb/high-fat diets, and exercise. With heart disease being the lead cause of death for humans globally, it’s important to understand the basic science behind various aspects of how the disease progresses. Plus, as entrepreneurs we talk a lot about “solving problems'', and it's hard to come up with a more pressing problem than this.

Practical tips for getting up to speed on Web 3

In this newsletter I share reflections from this week's podcast episode with Yannick Folla (https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-65) and a quick summary of the show notes.