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Our AI Future

It’s interesting to sit back and think about tech waves over the last handful of years. Computing, extended reality, “big data”, machine learning, crypto/Web3, Generative AI, etc… Maybe it’s always been this way, but with each wave the “futurists” seemingly get more and more attention with their vision-casting content and consumers are left underwhelmed for a long time until a thing actually happens. By then, of course, a new tech hype is underway and the New Tech stops becoming cool to talk about, since it has already become an integrated and ubiquitous part of our lives (e.g. electricity, computers, cellular technology, social media, newsfeed algorithms, etc..).

To consider for your year-end giving (REST - Real Escape from the Sex Trade) - and misc thoughts about our AI future

Will's General Newsletter :: Nov 29, 2023

Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST) :: with Audrey Baedke

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Audrey Baedke ( and I discuss Rest Escape from the Sex Trade (REST - We talk about the origins of the nonprofit, the impact they have had, the dynamics of the sex trade in general, how humans are enslaved, and how REST provides tangible pathways to freedom, safety, and hope. As a board member and donor myself, I would ask that you **please** consider joining us with a year-end gift.

An invitation for founders, investors, talent, and donors considering year-end gifts

Will's General Newsletter - Nov 17, 2023

Fall updates: Prota Ventures, AI Layer, Impact Stream, and REST

In this episode of Ventures, I ( walk through a number of updates with my for-profit and nonprofit venture work. I talk about Prota Ventures, our second fund, how we get operationally involved in our portfolio companies, and who we serve. As an example, I discuss my involvement with AI Layer, which is a new company providing AI inference computing services that leverages an upcoming Web3 protocol that will be decentralized and widely available next year. Finally, I talk about updates - and my volunteering involvement - with Impact Stream and Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST).

How to avoid destroying local economies with economic aid

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: Aug 15, 2023

A brief introduction to Impact Stream's first project in Togo, West Africa

How can Web3 technology, global trust networks, and strategic injections of financial aid help with poverty alleviation in West Africa and beyond?

How to use Web3 technology and financial aid to help (and not hurt) poverty alleviation in West Africa :: with Hans Mulders

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Hans Mulders ( and I recorded a conversation while we were on-site at a demonstration farm in Togo, West Africa. We had just helped dozens of local Togolese people onboard into a progressive web application that we are building with Impact Stream (, a new NGO helping to decentralize poverty alleviation via trust networks and blockchain technology. In our conversation we cover how Hans got involved in Impact Stream and how to smartly use technology and aid to sustainably help lift people out of poverty.

Why I traveled to Togo, West Africa this summer

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: July 26, 2023

Web3 & Poverty Alleviation in Togo, West Africa: Impact Stream progress update

In this episode of Ventures, I ( walk through the current progress of a new NGO called Impact Stream ( I and fellow team members were able to travel to Togo, West Africa this month to help onboard dozens of local people into a progressive web app we are building to facilitate proposals, on-chain voting, and funding via cryptocurrency. Importantly, these proposals are submitted by local people to be built by local vendors/workers and prioritized by their own community (and not outside influencers). In this episode I share plenty of footage from our trip, so be sure to watch the video via the link below if you happen to be on your podcast player.

Rumors of NFT market death ... have been exaggerated

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: Jun 27, 2023

How to buy crypto and participate in an NFT mint (using Alphi’s June 29, 2023 mint as an example)

In this episode of Ventures, I ( walk through how to buy crypto on a centralized exchange, move it to your own crypto wallet, and participate in an NFT mint. I use the upcoming Founders Collection mint for Alphi (, June 29th, 2023) as a practical example. Most NFT communities require some kind of process to be added to their allowlist, so I walk through how to do this, step-by-step, with Alphi.

Maximizing pre-seed investors' time (and interest)

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: June 20, 2023

What pre-seed investors actually care about

In this episode of Ventures, I ( discuss early stage startup pitch decks and what VCs/angels really want to hear when founders ask for equity financing. I talk about how the culture around the traditional deck has not been as helpful as it could be to clarify why traction (and forecasts of traction) are - in my opinion - the most important aspect of the initial pitch process that warrants deeper diligence.

Using blockchains AND AI to build a better Internet

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: June 13, 2023