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Startup Branding :: Strategy, Competitive Positioning, Personas, Naming, and Visual Design :: with Elisabeth Hass and Natalie Grummer

Most founders don’t pay enough attention to foundational branding processes, which often results in customer confusion, off-putting names/visuals, and/or an untimely death for new startups. In this episode, we dive into many aspects of branding a startup, from naming and competitive positioning to visual design and personas/values, including specific recommendations for designing a logo, mockups, and prototypes.

See below for detailed notes and links to resources mentioned.

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My guests this week are brand strategist Elisabeth Hass and visual designer Natalie Grummer, and we cover the following topics:

2:20 - Natalie intro - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliegrummer/

3:40 - Elisabeth intro - https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisabeth-hass/

5:45 - Exploring Natalie’s early creative pursuits

7:20 - Story of Natalie’s photography business, ideation, branding/design, customer acquisition techniques, evolving of the brand, etc…

13:40 - Synchrony between communications strategy, visuals, and business aspects such as the financial model, anchored in values/vision/mission.

14:20 - What is a Digital Nomad? Why did Elisabeth decide to become one?

15:44 - How long does Elisabeth typically stay in an area as she travels around?

16:45 - Elisabeth talks about her new venture, Chariot.

19:20 - How did Elisabeth decide on the name, brand strategy, and visuals for “Chariot”

21:30 - Using Tarot Cards and Archetypes as tools to help with brand formation.

25:10 - How does Natalie come up with such amazing visuals for a brand?  

29:40 - What is the process of coming up with a brand strategy, name, logo, visuals, etc…? How do Elisabeth and Natalie advise founders who have an idea and are curious how to translate that into a brand?

33:55 - What are the dangers/pitfalls for founders that neglect thoughtful brand strategy?

37:25 - Recap of the process of brand strategy, naming, etc… and more discussion on competitive landscape analysis.

39:20 - How does Elisabeth help tee up brand foundations/strategy so visual designers such as Natalie can bring visual elements to life?

41:15 - Question for Natalie: What kinds of brand tee-ups/guides are helpful when beginning to work on the visuals? What’s not helpful?

43:00 - Elisabeth highlights the importance of thoughtful research for brand strategy, else it can be too easy to produce generic/pithy guidelines that aren’t helpful for

43:40 - What is the process of producing visuals given thoughtful brand guidelines? What kind of training is needed?

48:20 - What advice does Elisabeth have for teenagers considering a career in entrepreneurial creative arts / brand strategy?

50:55 - Where in the brand formation process does “naming” come in most efficiently?  What is that process like?

55:30 - Is coming up with a name needed before it’s possible to create visuals?

58:00 - Describing the process using specific examples of this podcast, Ventures, and a new newsletter/publishing platform called Satchel.  

59:45 - What was the brand strategy process for Satchel?

1:01:40 - How did Natalie then take the name/brand strategy for Satchel and turn it into visuals?

1:05:15 - On a personal level, what is fun and/or meaningful for Elisabeth and Natalie about the work that they do?

1:07:10 - Where can people find out more about Elisabeth and Natalie and their work?  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliegrummer/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisabeth-hass/

Mentioned resources:

Prota Ventures Brand Resources :: Competitive Analysis Framework

  • Simple spreadsheet you can clone for your own competitive analysis, plus another sheet with all the links & info below.

The Three-Hour Brand Sprint

  • A great set of exercises to help you create the foundation of your brand in no time.

Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands

  • A short, fun read about the most fundamental principle of branding.

The Brand Gap

  • Another short, fun read from Marty Neumeier. This one's about brand building.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

  • One of the most popular TED Talks. Learn why it's important for your venture to have a clear vision.

Brand Values Worksheet

  • "If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for?"

Every Startup needs its (Brand) Pyramid

  • Meet the Brand Pyramid, a quick reference brand guide that helps everyone (including you) stay true to who you are.

The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes

  • *The* brand archetype book.

TV Tropes

  • Fun, extensive tool for building your brand persona and voice. Explore thousands of characters.

How to make sense of any mess

  • “This book outlines a step-by-step process for making sense of messes made of information (and people).”