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Period equity, femtech, health education, and Project Untaboo :: with Rachael Kim

In this episode my guest Rachael Kim (Founder & CEO, Project Untaboo) and I discuss period equity, period health/care/education, Project Untaboo, and advice for entrepreneurs and investors considering the space of femtech and healthcare in general.

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Be sure to also check out Project Untaboo (IG: projectuntaboo_) and the work Rachael and her team are up to here. If you have a few minutes to fill out a short survey to help them with market research, go here. Thanks!

Throughout this conversation we cover the following:

1:45 - Rachael intro, background as a young entrepreneur and data privacy expert

5:07 - Principles learned from Rachael’s first business as a violin teacher

10:18 - Experience in London working in data privacy when GDPR legislation passed

16:54 - Rachael’s experiences traveling around the world and lessons learned.

22:26 - More background on the threads that came together for Rachael to start Project Untaboo; origin story.

24:05 - What was the original vision for Project Untaboo before COVID-19 hit and how did things change when the pandemic was widespread?

27:29 - What are the global social justice / social impact issues surrounding period care and the need for period education?

30:17 - What options/education/innovation is happening globally?

34:15 - What stories and resources does Project Untaboo (https://www.projectuntaboo.com) have available today for people to check out?

36:21 - What is “femtech” ?

37:52 - What is the outlook for femtech and what is Rachael hopeful for in this industry in the future?

42:30 - What apps/services are available for period care/tracking? What does Rachael recommend?

44:11 - What research is happening in period care/science/equity? What is Racheal currenting learning/investigating?

49:17 - Where is Project Untaboo heading in the future?

52:04 - Who is Project Untaboo’s customer?

53:35 - Will it be a subscription service for consumers?

53:58 - What will the Business-to-Business (B2B) side look like?

54:40 - What advice does Racheal have for a younger audience listening in that may not have a great support system to talk about period care?

56:40 - What opportunities exist for entrepreneurs interested in innovating in femtech/period care? What new products/services would be excited for Rachael to see in this space?

59:05 - What is Period Equality / Period Equity? (Note: for a more general conversation about the difference between “equity” and “equality”, see: https://www.premiertalentpartners.com/how-equality-and-equity-are-different/ )

1:01:25 - What final words does Rachael have for investors/founders/innovators listening and watching in?

1:03:33 - How can people help Rachael and Project Untaboo? (Learn more and sign up for their newsletter at https://www.projectuntaboo.com/ // Also connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachael-kim-757b95b/ )