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An inside look at COVID-19 care responses and innovation efforts within University of Washington Medicine :: an ask for those learning to code :: and a followup post on Reddit in /r/Entrepreneur

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Hi everyone,

I sat down last week with a few folks from UW Medicine and learned about their amazing response to COVID-19. Being on the front-lines of the pandemic in the USA, it is extremely admirable how they organized themselves, formed an innovation group, and open-sourced their efforts to help healthcare communities around the world.

Check out the story in this week’s episode of Ventures:

COVID-19 response and innovation at University of Washington Medicine. Plus, a call-to-action for medical technology entrepreneurs :: with Danica Little, Dimitry Levin, and Dr. Robert Sweet

There is a real need and opportunity for venture builders/investors out there to partner with UW Medicine to help not only with COVID-19-related innovation, but with general MedTech and telehealth improvements across the board.

Learning to code? Know a middle/high-schooler interested?

I have begun recording screencasts with people interested in setting up their Mac or Windows machines to learn to code with business, product, and collaboration sensibilities. If you know any students in high school (or advanced middle-schoolers) who would be interested in participating, let me know. The series is for students of all ages, but if I can write and teach in such a way that 13/14-yr olds can follow along, that will be a win for everyone. :)

A followup post on Reddit

I wrote up a long-ish followup here on Reddit (and also here on Satchel) from my initial post a couple weeks ago. The five basic themes I saw from all the questions/comments on that original post were:

  • Entrepreneurship education
  • The relative importance of learning to code
  • Business validation
  • Finding co-founders
  • Time management

So I decided to write up a relatively quick summary of each and compile them into a single post to help point entrepreneurs in the right direction. Feel free to chime in on Reddit and/or reply here and let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great rest of your week!