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From idea to exit in a few years, setting up a mac for web development, and followup from last week's episode on Lipidology

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Greetings all,

This week I’m honored to have two friends of mine share their story of building and growing a company, getting acquired, and merging in with a larger organization:

The VendorHawk story: Idea to successful acquisition within a few years, and the importance of founder worldview alignment :: with Patrick Lowndes and Brian Geihsler

The fact that they did all this within a few years is absolutely amazing. On a personal level, this episode is especially exciting because it highlights a success story for how my partners and I at Prota Ventures engage with founders at the very beginning of their journeys.

More importantly, however, it’s educational and inspiring how Patrick and Brian describe their balance as founders: how they iterated the product based on sales, how they scaled their marketing efforts, and how they ultimately approached conversations with Corp Dev of their acquirer (ServiceNow).  

Thank you, Patrick and Brian, for sharing your story!

Setting up Rails on a Mac

Last week I mentioned a screencast I released helping a student setup their Windows machine for web development. Today, I’m excited to share the (much shorter) version for Mac users. Stay tuned and subscribe to receive the next installment in the series when I post it.


Many thanks for the thoughtful dialog for those who responded. Yes, I’d encourage you to share last week’s episode AND the Tom Dayspring episode with Peter Attia here to your doctor to spur a conversation, especially if you have been actively working to cut back carbs in your diet. Not everyone in the medical community is familiar with how to deal with the altered blood work that comes from keto/fasting/low-carb, so hopefully these episodes will be helpful for you.

Have a great rest of your week!