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Two important social justice issues to consider this week (and why to mark your calendar for October 17th)

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Hi all,

First, check out today’s episode of Ventures:

Period equity, femtech, health education, and Project Untaboo :: with Rachael Kim

There still remains an unfortunate lack of education, support, resources, and equity for individuals around the world who have periods. In an alarmingly large number of countries, for example, this contributes to keeping generations of people in poverty. Even in the US, talking about this issue remains taboo and resources are relatively scarce and decentralized.

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Be sure to also check out Project Untaboo (IG: projectuntaboo_) and the work Rachael and her team are up to here. If you have a few minutes to fill out a short survey to help them with market research, check it out here. Thanks!


Second, please mark your calendar: Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST) is hosting A Night of REST: Virtual Soirée at 6pm PDT on Saturday, October 17th. You can register here to get access to the link for the event.

For those who missed episode three of Ventures, I’ve been a board member of REST for over a decade and the stories of modern-day slavery are absoltuely heartbreaking. REST works closely with law enforcement and provides pathways to freedom, safety, and hope to individuals who have experienced the sex trade.

While every year we usually have an in-person gala, for obvious reasons we’re now going online. This provides an opportunity for those who haven’t been able to travel to Seattle every year in the past to attend now.

As you can imagine, most non-profits are feeling the pain of “#2020” especially hard, and I’d encourage you to not only support REST, but consider volunteering/giving to organizations near you that help those in need.