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Leadership in DAOs vs. traditional startups. Plus, DeFi & better Web3 critique

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: Jan 11, 2022

NFTs, DAOs, and reflections from the holiday break

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) :: Jan 4, 2022

A new NFT project, and why Web3 matters for human flourishing

Will's General Newsletter (weekly) :: Dec 28, 2021

What can we learn from Web 3 critics? What is Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)?

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly) // Dec 21, 2021

Underrepresented perspectives in media // Plus: Tokens, NFTs, and - yes - DAO updates

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly): Dec 14, 2021

Metaverses, DLTs, and DAOs

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly): Dec 7, 2021

It's time to learn a LOT more about DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Will's General Newsletter (Weekly): Nov 30, 2021

Wealth management and creating a DAO

Will's General Newsletter (weekly): Nov 23, 2021

Web3, entrepreneurship, Twitter, and building vs. talking

Will's General Newsletter: November 16, 2021

DAOs and the advent of Web 3 coordination

In this week's newsletter I talk about (1) the podcast episode I just released with Spencer Graham on DAOs, and (2) how/why DAOs are such a big deal for the future of humanity.

A vision for urban wellness, and reimagining productivity in the Web 3 era

In this week's newsletter I talk about (1) the podcast w/ Jairus Morris I released, and (2) thoughts about productivity in the Web 3 era.

Practical tips and strategies for B2B sales, and helping founders navigate the idea-to-seed-stage journey

In this newsletter I share details about this week's podcast and general thoughts about the idea-to-seed journey for founders.

Alpha cohort for Web 3 product manager training: Do you know a PM who should apply?

In this week's newsletter I talk about the call-to-action my partners and I have for product managers interested in rapidly getting up to speed on Web 3.

Leveraging science and wearables to improve your health and fitness

In this week's newsletter I talk about this week's podcast episode (a clip from episode 11), continuous glucose monitors, and a fantastic resource for health science education.

Practical tips for getting up to speed on Web 3

In this newsletter I share reflections from this week's podcast episode with Yannick Folla ( and a quick summary of the show notes.