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Deeper dive into DAOs, Web3 reflections, and enjoying the long days of summer

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Spencer Graham (https://twitter.com/spengrah) and I discuss the history of DAOHaus (https://daohaus.club/) and the upcoming release of the third version of their platform. We talk about how Spencer has been working full-time in DAOs for a couple years, how he began working with DAOHaus, the details of the new component-based platform and features, how people can contribute, why DAOs in general “matter”, and thoughts about ImpactDAOs.

Check it out: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations with DAOHaus: History, Philosophy, and Vision :: with Spencer Graham

Web3 Reflections

I’ve been in the Crypto/Web3 space for 6 years. I first started tinkering around with Ethereum and smart contracts in 2016, then I invested in a bunch of ICOs in 2017, then I played a small role to help incubate Figment in 2018, then I’ve been participating in the waves of DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs ever since, mainly from the angle of “why does any of this matter?”  

Sure, it was fun to party in NYC a few weeks ago with the NFT crowd. I’ve learned a ton from the finance folks we are amped up about DeFi, and I’m extremely bullish on the future of BanyanDAO and other DAOs I’m helping to incubate currently.

Still, it’s hard to look up and see how tangibly any of this matters.

What I keep coming back to is Ep96, Ep97, and Ep101 of the ol’ podcast, where Daniel and Michelle from International Literacy and Development (ILAD, https://ilad.ngo/) talk about how Web3 can be used to practically help language communities flourish. The app they are building - and the NFT collection they are releasing later this year - actually matter to help reach (and assist) billions of people globally.

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, if you are working on a project in the Web3 and Social Impact space, please hit me up if you haven’t yet. I’d love to talk.

Enjoying the long days of summer

As a final simple reflection, living in the north-central part of Washington State reminds me this time of year how wonderful it is to have so many hours of sunlight. While it’s not full-on Alaska-type sunlight in the summer (which is extremely long), I enjoy being able to have many hours after work to enjoy the outdoors. As much as possible, you’ll find me on a tennis court, a hiking trail, a river, a lake, or on a mountain bike. :)

Have a great rest of your week!