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I got to jump around in the future last Saturday

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Jesse Bryan and I talk about our experience on the first voyage within The Otherside and the resulting implications for brands and people IRL. During this episode, we overlay video of our experience, talk about addressing skeptics, the Otherside litepaper, what can be built on plots of land, how brands should be thinking about The Otherside, and how specifically entrepreneurs can - and should - be thinking about impacting the world with metaverses in general.

Check it out: The Otherside Metaverse: A powerful new medium for brands, entrepreneurs, and social impact :: with Jesse Bryan

The future

I’ve invested in an embarrassing number of metaverse projects (as well as projects building within metaverses) and am very curious who will come out on top. Last Saturday, I got to participate in the first voyage of The Otherside, the metaverse that Yuga Labs has been working on in collaboration with Improbable IO.

The technology is amazing. People with a wide variety of computers and bandwidth connection speeds recorded having a smooth experience.

I put together a 49s video of a bunch of clips that you should watch here.

It blew my expectations out of the water. It was like a full-blown, high-quality video game on xBox/Playstation or a native game app, but it was accomplished within a web browser.

I think the technology has been around for a bit, but it was my first exposure to it, and the possibilities here are endless.

As Jesse and I talk about in this week’s podcast episode, imagine if my Impact Ape built an experience on one or more of the Otherdeeds I own that showcased amazing work around the world for social impact and human flourishing. Tie this together with advancements in DAOs, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies and we have a powerful combination for new innovation. I’m looking forward to writing more about this in the near future.

Have a great rest of your week!