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A brief introduction to Impact Stream's first project in Togo, West Africa

How can Web3 technology, global trust networks, and strategic injections of financial aid help with poverty alleviation in West Africa and beyond?

This is a question that I and my fellow team members at Impact Stream have been asking ourselves all year.

A few months ago we decided to start a new WA state non-profit & international NGO. We got a fiscal sponsor (Givinga Foundation), quickly raised ~$60k USD, and started building a progressive web app that onboards people into Web3 via their cell phone number.

The app - which leverages Gitcoin’s Allo Protocol - easily allows people to submit proposals for public goods, vote on those proposals, receive funding from an Ethereum address, and report on the progress of their project.

Last month we visited our team members in Togo to help onboard dozens of people from different parts of the country.

By the end of Q3 2023 we aim to have over a hundred people in the app and over twenty proposals submitted by them to vote on.

We’ll use Quadratic Voting to determine which proposals the local people want funded with the highest priority. Each proposal has a maximum ask of a $20k USD equivalent in their currency (CFA).

Then, funds from the wallet address togo.impactstream.eth will fund the top proposals until the funding runs out.

Right now we have around $50k USD raised. We need your help to get to $200k+ (our goal).

You can give directly via crypto to togo.impactstream.eth - or to our general fund at impactstream.eth. You can also give via fiat currency / credit card via our fiscal sponsor here.

To learn more about the project, check out these videos below: