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Web3 & Poverty Alleviation in Togo, West Africa: Impact Stream progress update

In this episode of Ventures, I (https://linkedin.com/in/wclittle) walk through the current progress of a new NGO called Impact Stream (https://impact.stream). I and fellow team members were able to travel to Togo, West Africa this month to help onboard dozens of local people into a progressive web app we are building to facilitate proposals, on-chain voting, and funding via cryptocurrency. Importantly, these proposals are submitted by local people to be built by local vendors/workers and prioritized by their own community (and not outside influencers). In this episode I share plenty of footage from our trip, so be sure to watch the video via the link below if you happen to be on your podcast player.

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0:03 - Episode setup, more information about Impact Stream, where to do audio and video, etc..

0:34 - Overview of Impact Stream - transparent streams of impact between digital communities and real-life communities.

1:12 - Promise of Web3 - Banking the unbanked, financial equity, etc..

1:33 - The Impact Stream team and partners

2:16 - Local people proposing public goods / infrastructure, with funding from around the world.

3:07 - Visiting both the rural area and Lomé (capital city of Togo)

3:55 - Walking through the offramp plan into the local CFA currency

5:09 - Overview of first proof of concept round this year

5:50 - Jump into our Discord server to get involved → https://discord.gg/we344V4QP7