Topic:   Will's General Newsletter

Product design in the no-code era, cryptocurrency regulations in the USA, and psychedelic microdosing vs. placebos

In this general newsletter I cover topics related to this week's podcast, cryptocurrencies, and health science.

Broker chains and blockchains

In this newsletter I talk about my recent podcast episode, and a couple blockchain-related resources that I recommend

Technology leadership at different stages of a growing company, a closer look at COVID-19 antibodies, and three bags for cryptocurrency trading

A newsletter about this week's podcast, rapid antibody tests, and crypto trading.

Trust and Data

In this newsletter I talk about (1) our latest podcast episode on cybersecurity, and (2) "trust" in the Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0 worlds.

The history of the Internet & cybersecurity, and a closer look at rapid antibody tests for COVID-19

In this newsletter I talk about (1) the Ventures podcast episode this week with Sol Cates and Tony Sager, and (2) the rapid antibody tests that my colleagues and I recently took.

Helping fitness instructors in a pandemic, no-code vs. low-code vs. code, and querying blockchains

In this newsletter I talk about this week's podcast with Cheryl Kemp (, the no-code movement, and The Graph.

HealthTech entrepreneurship, SARS-CoV-2 variants vs. vaccines, and taking back the Internet

In this newsletter I talk about this week's podcast, data from Moderna, and Web 3.0.

Social Entrepreneurship, Linting, and Automated System Testing

In this newsletter I write about the podcast from this week with Valerie Groth, and parts 9 and 10 of the technical founder training series.

Listening to your community

In this newsletter I discuss the latest podcast episode of Ventures with Foxy Davison and discuss more in depth why it's important to architect systems to listen deeply to your customer/user communities.

TikTok won Web 2.0

In this week's newsletter I discuss my podcast with Jed Collins and the need for ushering in the Web 3.0 era.

End of year podcast (a bit of a Random Show) and more updates on technical founder training

In this newsletter I talk about the latest podcast on cybersecurity, rapid antigen tests, the Enneagram, technical founder training, and approaching New Year's resolutions.

Virtual identities, a primer on antigens and vaccines, and the New Magic is Turbo

In this newsletter I write about this week's podcast, a primer I wrote on viruses, antigens, antibodies, contagiousness, vaccines, and COVID-19 testing, and the release of Hotwire and Turbo in the Rails community.

Bird Buddy, code, the kid years, and creativity

In this newsletter I talk about (1) the recent Ventures episode on the Bird Buddy story, (2) updates to the learn to code series, and (3) correlation between the early ages of life and the expression of creativity.

Web development, rockets, startups, and noninertial reference frames

In this newsletter I talk about my podcast episode on web development and thoughts on the analogy of startups as rockets.

Design, the future of work, and learning to code over the holidays

Is this newsletter I talk about my podcast with Joel Fariss, and the 7 posts I published over the weekend helping students learn to code.