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Helping fitness instructors in a pandemic, no-code vs. low-code vs. code, and querying blockchains

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Greetings all,

On the podcast this week, my guest Cheryl Kemp (founder of https://indifit.co/) and I discuss her journey of starting a company at the beginning of the pandemic, finding co-founders, leveraging no-code technology to validate her idea, pivoting into a completely different business model, providing software for fitness instructors, experimenting with growth strategies, and raising startup capital in 2021.

Check it out: Starting a company in the pandemic, leveraging no-code solutions, and finding co-founders online :: The indifit.co story with Cheryl Kemp

No-code vs. Low-code vs. Code

If you aren’t yet familiar, the “no-code” movement for spinning up software startups - i.e. without needing a software developer - is getting quite popular. So is the “low-code” movement, which requires minimal development effort to deliver value to users.

Cheryl and I talk about this a bit in the podcast this week. We agreed the opportunities are amazing, and Cheryl’s startup is proof it can be done. While I’m teaching a full-on technical founder training series, the next article I am writing addresses no-code and low-code, which are extremely important for founders to explore in order to save time. In other words, if it’s possible to deliver value to your users/customers without needing full-on software development, it enables you to spend more time understanding the people you are serving better.  

Querying Blockchains

I’m a fan of The Graph.

“The Graph is an indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data and making it easily accessible with GraphQL. … for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs....” 

The reason why this is a big deal is because right now Web 3 development is still extremely inaccessible. Any efforts that make the lives of Web 3 developers easier, such as Figment Learn, should be supported.

If you are looking for some interesting reading this week and weekend, check out The Graph Network In Depth.

Have a great rest of your week!