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Virtual identities, a primer on antigens and vaccines, and the New Magic is Turbo

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Greetings everyone,

First up, on the Ventures podcast, Joel Fariss (https://joelfariss.com; a design research and strategic futures associate at Gensler) and I continue our conversation from episode 21 and explore the implications of self-defined virtual identities and data stores as it relates to innovation, human progress, Dream Thinking, and Web 3.0.

Check it out: Virtual Identities, Dream Thinking, and Human Flourishing in the Web 3.0 era :: with Joel Fariss

Do you know the difference between an antigen test and an antibody test?

I posted a new article this morning: A primer on viruses, antigens, antibodies, contagiousness, vaccines, and COVID-19 testing 

Like millions of households around the world right now, my family and I recently caught a virus. Trillions of the little buggers invaded at least my sons (9 & 14 years old) while my wife and I - along with our 12-yr old daughter - wondered if we were all getting COVID-19.

This is, of course, a common scenario. Our tests came back negative, but during the 70 hours we waited for results, we spent a lot of time researching immunology and discussing what to do. We felt generally unprepared and uneducated about how to think and act clearly.

The primer article is designed to help inform us how to think and act in such a scenario by better understanding the underlying science.

Rails developers: the “New Magic” is Turbo

The Ruby on Rails community is buzzing today with the much-anticipated release of what @dhh (the creator of Rails) has been calling “New Magic”. As it turns out, the new release is now called Tubro, which is part of a bundled approach to building reactive web and mobile apps with HTML “over the wire” (web sockets) called Hotwire.

Practically, for those following along the learn to code series, I’ll be posting a new tutorial in the coming days comparing it to StimulusReflex. You can subscribe here and select the series to be notified when the new post is published.

Have a great rest of your week. I hope you have a chance to take some time off and relax.