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How to transition from private to public beta

Eager to launch, get written about in the press, and rocket their way toward startup glory, founders often neglect to take the time needed to sufficiently learn from their customers during private beta. Then, more often than not, the public launch process becomes a wasted opportunity. Frankly, what the team thinks they know at this stage about their customers, their product, their market dynamics, and their own company operations is mostly wrong, inefficient, and/or unclear.

How to optimize your “coming soon” page to acquire customers virally

As you gear up for the public launch of your startup, successfully optimizing and leveraging your coming soon page can set you up for massive success. Unfortunately, most founders squander this opportunity by either skimping on the critical components of the process, or by overdoing them in a tone-deaf manner and annoying potential customers.

The art and science of private alpha testing

Assuming you’ve gone through the process of ideating, validating, and creating a new product, now it’s time to get serious about testing it. Hopefully by now engineering has baked in an appropriate amount of automated tests to meet the specifications you put together, but the features you decided on are about to change. Welcome to real life.

The Science of Optimal Sleep: Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry, Part 5

In the previous four articles in this series we looked at fat loss, muscle gain, hydration, and flexibility. Here, we finish the series by turning our attention to sleep.

When to start writing code for your Minimum Viable Product

More often than not, founders pursuing a new software startup end up writing code too early, wasting valuable time that should be spent with customers.

How to increase muscle flexibility: Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry, Part 4

In the first three articles in this series we looked at fat loss, muscle gain, and hydration. Here, we turn our attention to the science behind muscle flexibility.

How to build wireframes and mockups to validate your business idea

Building a product — any kind of product — is hard. Somehow the engineering and creative parts of your team (and brain) need to coordinate to produce something that customers enjoy. If you pause for a moment and think about this, it’s amazing that anything good gets built.

How to stay hydrated (and reduce headaches, hangovers, and fat): Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry, Part 3

In the first two articles of this series we looked at the science behind how to shrink fat cells and grow muscle cells. Here, we take aim at hydration.

How to grow muscles: Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry, Part 2

After looking at the science behind how to shrink fat cells in the previous post of this 5-part series, we now turn our attention to muscles and how to increase their size.

Serve customers faster: An introduction to rapid design prototyping with Style Tiles

Equipped with your brand foundations, name, and logo, a design strategy that saves an enormous amount of time when building a software product is creating and iterating Style Tiles.

The calories vs. hormones debate for shrinking fat cells: It’s both…and it varies from person to person, season to season

So there are pro-macro and anti-macro tribes out there, each with valid arguments. (If you’re not up on the lingo, when a fitness-y person asks “what are your macros?”, they are asking what your daily calories are from carb/protein/fat).

A simple guide to legal and finance operations for new startup founders

Questions and concerns surrounding legal and finance topics are often mental barriers for startup founders, especially in the early days. As it turns out, approaching these areas as you are gearing up to launch is easier than you might think. While of course it takes work, the steps are attainable if you approach them with the appropriate mindset and obtain the appropriate help.

How to shrink fat cells: Practical Nutritional Biochemistry, Part 1

We’re going to laser-beam in this 5-part series on the basic science behind how to shrink fat cells, grow muscle cells, get flexible, stay hydrated, and sleep well. We’ll move quickly and link to a variety of sources for further reading.

How to name a startup

Equipped with the brand foundations that we talked about in the previous article in this series on startup operations, now it’s time to pick a name for your company. For most branding experts, this is a painful process because on one level the name doesn’t really matter (i.e. you make the brand), and on another level it matters a lot (i.e. it shouldn’t annoy or confuse customers).

How to build a brand foundation for your new startup

If you think you can design a nice logo, decide on some colors, put together a few mockups, and declare this as your new startup’s “brand”, you are profoundly mistaken. You need to think deeper.