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Get Certified in DISC, EQ and a whole lot more!

Shandel Group Leadership Labs are 90 days fast growth, 6 session classes that kick start your learning to the next level. We have labs for Self-Awareness, Extending Trust, Real Connection, Vision Focused, and Enabling Others to Shine. Below we are highlighting our certification labs for DISC, DRIVING FORCES and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

2022 Vision Focused Leadership - 4th Qtr Newsletter

There is so much change and uncertainty happening, it is invaluable when a leader can keep the priorities up to date, clear, and communicated. We want to equip you with a Goal Setting Tool for 2022 along with the 4th driver of all great leaders. Happy NEW year! We are ready for a new start to a new year, how about you?

Working Genius Assessment now at Shandel Group

We are so excited to add The WORKING GENIUS productivity assessment to our Leadership Toolkit. This summer we got certified with the Table Group and our certification allows us to debrief your individual report, create a team map to debrief your team, and offer a small discount to anyone who purchases this report from Shandel Group.

EXTENDED TRUST - Q2 Newsletter - Keeping Good Talent is a Matter of Trust

How well are you leading as Q2 draws to an end? Recent research reveals 26-40% of employees are ready to leave their current position. Talent is hard to find, how can we employ the 2nd Driver of Great Leaders to tackle this issue?

The Goodbye 2020 Shandel Group Newsletter - 2021 Challenge

Our last newsletter of 2020 highlights a few leadership trends including awareness of self, team development, and a challenge for more gratitude. "There is no doubt that we will see what was formerly labeled “soft skills” will be the hard-line that separates the good from the great."