Topic:   Leadership

Shandel Group Quarterly Newsletter: The 5 Drivers of Leadership

Every leader has the honor to serve those they lead. So what makes a great leader? We discuss in this edition the 5 drivers of leadership that just happen to fit neatly in the acronym S.E.R.V.E.

66 Seconds with Shandel Group

Take your communication to the next level by investing 66 seconds per week. Our Shandel Group Assessments bring so many a-ha moments to folks, but it takes repetition and practice to become amazing at it. Your first step is to subscribe to our weekly challenge and tip.

The Goodbye 2020 Shandel Group Newsletter - 2021 Challenge

Our last newsletter of 2020 highlights a few leadership trends including awareness of self, team development, and a challenge for more gratitude. "There is no doubt that we will see what was formerly labeled “soft skills” will be the hard-line that separates the good from the great."

Clarity Newsletter: October 2020 - Mindset for Q4

We are all ready for a new year! If you believe it is about the journey, not the destination this article is for you. Let's start now in Q4 creating with a purposeful mindset and hit the ground running for 2021's success.