The Goodbye 2020 Shandel Group Newsletter - 2021 Challenge

Happy New Year!!!

We are crossing the finish line of 2020 and I think we are all breathing heavy with a tired, weary feeling about us. With our collective strong spirit, I believe we are all gathering our energy this week to welcome 2021 with a glorious victory cheer!

How will leadership look different in 2021?

Leadership Trend

One thing is for certain, we will not go back to the way things were, however, we will find a new normal that will encompass lessons learned from this year. For example, a trend that we are seeing is that healthy leaders who excel have grown their empathy and compassion for understanding those that they care for and lead. They have gained new tools to assist in gaining greater clarity for leading others. Starting with practicing personal accountability and then achieving results only through building trust so that goals are reached through a team effort. There is no doubt that we will see what was formerly labeled “soft skills” will be the hard-line that separates the good from the great.

What do you think?


One’s ability to know thyself will be more important than ever. The self-awareness of the leader’s strong and weak points will be the profit-making indicators for the future. Leading people will be the measuring rod over the simple management of tasks. Those who took the time to invest in their people in 2020 will reap the rewards in 2021 and we hope that investment of time, talent, and resources will be the new norm.

Listening to leaders recap their year, a theme has developed around the ones celebrating their wins of 2020 and marking the year one of the best. The common theme was that they invested in training when things slowed down. What I love about this is, next to communication, more training is always on the company survey list of what people desire most.  I want to congratulate many of our Shandel Group clients who crushed it in 2020, even with all the odds against them. Well done!!


We took our own advice and pursued training for our team. Alan got certified in Prioritized Leader. Shandel got certified in the Enneagram, and Scott is finishing his DISC certification process this month via our new online training portal. We are so blessed to have so many leadership tools and training available and don’t worry we’ll have even more in 2021, including Enneagram Team training.

What can you do to help your people get the training and education they desire in 2021?

We can help, but you have to want to invest in your people.  It seems there may be more challenges ahead, but we can go forward into 2021 with a proactive mindset that will actually be life-giving for you and those you lead.

Attitude of Gratitude

Cheers to a year full of gratitude and hope. Scott and I just wrote a full two-page update on all things Sutherland where we invite you to read & join our challenge for a joy-filled, positive, and grateful mindset for 2021.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. Sold the Dental Practice
  2. Founded J Factor Kids
  3. Scott joined Shandel Group
  4. Moved into our new house
  5. Started a little home church for kids
  6. Shandel Group Partnerships with Prota and One Accord
  7. Daily quote, newsletters, blog, etc moved to (please subscribe)
  8. A little brand freshen up getting ready for our 2021 podcast
  9. Clarity book being revised for 2021
  10. Shandel got Enneagram certified & Alan Prioritized Leader certified

If you will send me your address, we will send it to you along with a fun picture in our New Year mailing effort (it might be Valentine’s Day LOL)

New Non-Profit

If you need an incredible charity to make your year-end tax deductible contribution, consider our J Factor Kids organization. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of, and to end your 2020 off in a generous way. In an act to pay it forward, we donated $2.12 (one meal) per subscriber of this newsletter to feed the homeless in our local community. Scott serves on the Good News Rescue Mission board, so we know exactly how the funds are managed. It was fun to end 2020 on a note of gratitude to our readers!

Thank you for being a part of Shandel Group!

Your Coach,

Shandel Sutherland


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