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Your Core 4 in 2024

Cheesy, but wonderful. Essential goal setting is fulfilling and leads to joy!

Where are you in the process of orienting your life around your core values? Values lead to that deep-seeded long lasting joy we all desire in life. Indeed, it is a process through self-awareness and doing the “work”, but when we are in that healthy cycle of sustainable growth, we live with purpose, joy and peace. AND as you know, inevitably, we get distracted, frustrated or overwhelmed, and head into the alternative way of living which is the cycle of misery. This is true not only for our own growth, but our family, our team, and our entire organization.

Season 5 of the Lead For Clarity podcast is all about navigating these growth cycles - check it out HERE!

Your 4 Core Values

If you recall from our last newsletter, it is essential that you know your top 4 core values (or, 3-5). This is a perfect opportunity to discover and name your Core 4 and set goals around them for 2024. Once you name them, test them against these 4 principles.

  1. Are my Core 4 mine or does someone else want me to have these as values?
  2. When I visualize my life living my Core 4, am I full of joy or just happier?
  3. If circumstances in my life changed, would my Core 4 stay the same?
  4. Will I be proud in 10 years that my Core 4 are my measure of success?

1. Are my Core 4 mine or does someone else want me to have these as values?

You must want, love, and embrace your Core 4. We do not want any “shoulds, needs, or have to’s” on this list. These are not goals you are aspiring to, but behaviors you espouse. It could be you are not honoring those values and are in the cycle of misery because of it, and that simply requires an alignment of your mindset and lifestyle to your Core 4…but not the other way around.

2. When I visualize my life living my Core 4, am I full of joy or just happier?

Happiness versus joy is an important distinction and I humbly ask you, which side do you find yourself as we end 2023? Being happy is circumstantial; it is a fleeting state based on what is happening right now. Joy is an attitude; it is an internal contentment expressed in our behaviors and rooted in peace, confidence, and positivity. Joy can weather unhappy circumstances with fortitude because joy builds a solid foundation. Joy comes from consistently living in your Core 4.

3. If circumstances in my life changed, would my Core 4 stay the same?

This is a tricky one and designed to provide focus but also requires flexibility. Are your core values based on your current circumstances or are you focused on building your life around what truly matters to you? The people and things we surround ourselves with make a huge impact on our lives. Are you intentional about bringing the things into your life that support your values or are your values shifting and eroding because of your surroundings?

4. Will I be proud in 10 years that my Core 4 are my measure of success?

Assess your past 10 years and look to your respected elders. Your Core 4 need to drive your behavior, your goals, your decisions, your daily choices. Will you be proud of this path in 10 years? If you’re not sure, ask your trusted circle for honest feedback. If your answer is yes! THEN LET’S GO! Get your 5 year plan together and let’s set some goals for 2024!!

Tools for Sustainable Goal Setting

We have sooooo many tools for you, see complete list below. Listen to this week’s podcast where Melanie and I go over in detail how to set achievable goals and read last month’s newsletter to get caught up. Hire a Shandel Group coach to help you get to your next level! Visit our website or email us for more tools.

Remember, Leaders Go First!

I am doing this too!!! This “tweener” week is a fun one for the life coach in me. Setting goals and creating milestones are practically a love language at Shandel Group. Dreaming about all that could be and vision casting for 2024 brings hope and excitement to the dreariness of taking down the lights on the tree and long dark days. I am grateful to be your coach and I am working on my Core 4, so send me stories on what you are doing to live by your values.

And a special shout out to all of our wonderful partners!

The Shandel Group team has LOVED working with each and every one of you in 2023 and look forward to more collaboration opportunities and adventure in 2024!

Be the Best You Can Be Today!

Your Coach,

  How Shandel Group Can Assist You:

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  2. Get a coach. We have a brand new 12 session coaching program that will help you know yourself and to serve others.
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Sutherland Family Update

Well the Sutherlands have gone nuts again. We bought a bowling alley in Shandel’s home town, Quincy, CA and are loving our little side hustle. It is quite a story!!!

Melanie and I are loving doing the podcast LEAD FOR CLARITY together. We never prep and we just have so much fun responding to listener’s questions and talking about things that we see our clients working through with life hacks, etc. It is so fun. Scott and I have a very unpolished podcast that is recorded on my iphone because we are teaching every Sunday together at the little church we started in the bowling alley…called THE ALLEY .. we love it and you would too. Ya all are going to have to come to Quincy and experience this whole thing. It’s hysterical!!!!

In the middle of all that chaos, we moved again and our new mailing address is P.O. Box 1084 Quincy, CA 95971 for those updating their card lists. 🙂

Bella wanted me to tell you that we named the bowling alley after her … “Sierra Bella Lanes” and that she is 13 years old.. 91 in dog years. She goes to doggy day care at Mimi and Papas everyday and loves being spoiled by her grandparents…that actually remember to feed her and take her on sniffing walks.

Shandel Group is going strong and we love watching lives transform is our passion. Our up and coming talent is so encouraging with Melanie Montgomery leading the charge. I have loved this work from day 1 and our clients just keep growing end evolving. We love your referrals to more clients and more companies we can impact in 2024.

We love you friends,

Shandel, Scott, and Bella