66 Seconds with Shandel Group


We believe all people need to improve their communication skills and grow their emotional intelligence. With our 20 years of experience, we have tested and tried a myriad of ways to help teams of people get to their destination in the most effective manner, fast. Our assessment process works! Our ability to deliver useful information in a short amount of time, translates into long term results that pay off not only on the bottom line, but to help others flourish.

Now, we want to help those who have taken our assessments keep the information top of mind with this quick one minute read. We believe that if you will take 66 seconds each week to invest in your communication acumen and take on the challenge to work on one area, you will forge stronger connections and take your leadership to the next level.

If you have not taken one of our reports that dig into the science of self, the science of you, it is an incredible investment. Get on it, subscribe here.

Here is a sample of how the first 66 seconds starts….

You have a copy of your report, digested the initial download of information, and now it's time to increase your self-awareness, optimize your relationships, and live your purpose with this science of self tool.

We want you to keep learning, and keep growing with us via this weekly 66-second booster. This email is designed to help reinforce your learning and keep front of mind the nuances of your unique behaviors and drivers and those around you.

You invested in the assessment, now invest in taking your relationships to the next level.

If you want to go DEEEEEP right away, become a super user of the assessments, get certified for your professional development, and train yourself to train your people,  read more here.

Here we go...enjoy!


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