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Metaverses, DLTs, and DAOs

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Greetings (gm 👋) all, in this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Josh Vitulli and I dive deep into metaverses, specifically the Web 3 metaverse Decentraland. We talk about how Josh’s design and urban planning background led him into the metaverse space, how he does training courses on Decentraland via his project Metaversal Education, practical considerations for how to get involved, other metaverses, NFTs, avoiding high gas fees on Ethereum, and the future of entrepreneurship in Web 3.

Check it out: Metaverses, Decentraland, and Metaversal Education :: with Josh Vitulli

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs)

Blockchains are the most notable DLTs, but there are others such as hashgraphs, Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs), and Tempo Distributed Ledgers.

It’s important for folks getting up to speed on Web 3 to understand that they exist. Blockchains are, of course, the most common DLT that people work with today.

In fact, I’d highly recommend you read the Bitcoin whitepaper to enter the history of DLTs at a critical time (i.e. October 31, 2008, when the whitepaper was published - the network was launched a couple months later on January 3, 2009). A number of key terms/concepts (such as the double-spending problem, Proof-of-Work, digital coins, etc…) are introduced here.

Next, read the Etheruem whitepaper, which surfaces concepts such as Smart Contracts and DAOs. This whitepaper will also fill out your understanding of state transitions in blockchains more completely, and thus help you wrap your head around why Smart Contracts are such a big deal.

For more popular-level descriptions of blockchains, YouTube here of course has a wealth of great information and rabbit trails to follow.

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

I published today: Starting a DAO (Part 2): Finalizing the initial setup, operations, and membership. ← Check it out. 🙏

In the post, I talk about the latest updates over the past week in spinning up the Web 3 Product Manager Training DAO. I am learning a TON and have appreciated all the conversation about DAO best-practices and the intersections between all the other aspects of Web 3.


Have a great rest of your week!