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Starting a DAO (Part 2): Finalizing the initial setup, operations, and membership

👋 // In Part 1 of this series, I introduced the background, vision, motivation, and initial steps taken to start a DAO focused on training Web 3 product managers. Here, I’ll give a shorter update on the steps we’ve taken in the past week to move things forward. Overall, the goal of this series is to catalog our process of forming a DAO as a way to help future students/founders form DAOs of their own.

Our Discord server channel structure is evolving

Whereas previously our channel structure looked like this:

In the past week we’ve grown up a bit. Now we have two different sections.

One for random/general and topic-based conversations:

And one for internal conversations about ops/admin for how we’re forming our DAO:

Importantly, the #polls-for-our-dao channel has served as our warm-up for voting as a group. Over the past week we decided, for example, to lock down group membership (for now) so we can get our act together a bit more before we open it up again.

Curriculum and Operations

We’ve also spun up an initial curriculum gDoc:

And an operations doc to help us get aligned on next steps and workstreams:

Since it will all be open source soon enough, I’ll be sharing snippets from the curriculum (at least the parts I’m personally drafting up) in my weekly newsletters, which you can subscribe to here.


I participated in a Twitter Spaces conversation this morning and tweeted about it this afternoon. The main question I’m curious about is how to train DAO founders to distribute governance/ownership control amongst a “genesis team” while still giving them sufficient financial incentive to work.

Frankly, this is the question our DAO is going to be discussing a lot this coming week, so I’ll report back in Part 3 how those conversations are going. Stay tuned.🙏