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Home education this fall and beyond, measuring sleep, and Ethereum turns five

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I’m excited to release the fourth episode of the Ventures podcast today with my wife Sarah and our friend Abby as guests, check it out:

Home Education & Practical Suggestions for Parents this Fall :: with Abby Wahl and Sarah Little

With many parents looking to supplement (or more) with homeschooling in light of the pandemic, this episode is rich with stories, tips, and suggestions.

Measuring Sleep

On the health science front, for those who missed the initial Whoop vs. Oura Ring vs. Apple Watch post, the tl;dr is that while the Oura Ring has an interesting Heart Rate Variability (HRV) chart showing changes overnight, I’m currently partial to the SleepWatch app that outputs this raw data from the Apple Watch.

I’m curious, if you track your sleep, what do you use? Feel free to reply to this email or hit me up on social media (@wclittle).

Ethereum turns five

While many in the crypto community have mixed feelings about the state of the industry, and/or think it’s straight-up boring currently, there are many aspects of the ETH1 to ETH2 transition in particular that are worth learning. If you missed Episode 2 of Ventures where Tony, Lorien, Andy, and I dive deep into all-things blockchain and the ETH transition, then I’d recommend checking it out. Then, listen to Vitalik Buterin on Unchained comment on the state of Ethereum and many different aspects of the technology and community today.

Thank you

For those who have hit reply to say hi and chat about the various topics of the podcast or my Satchel site, thank you! I had a lot of great feedback from smart finance people about my post on the state of the stock market (which BTW, the Nasdaq is yet again at an all-time high today).

Have a great rest of your week!