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Incubator Deep Dive: FAQ and syllabus details of the upcoming startup ideation cohort hosted by Prota Ventures (Oct 4th Start, Apply Today) :: with Mike Anderson

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Anderson (https://twitter.com/MikeyAnderson) and I discuss in much greater detail the syllabus, ideal candidates, and time commitment of the new ideation incubator (https://www.protaventures.com/labs) that we introduced in episode 112 (https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-112). We talk in depth about the range of founders who should apply (from “pre-idea” to “pre-seed” teams), the outcomes of the incubator, info sessions on Fridays leading up to Oct 4th start, the minimal time commitment required, and a short synopsis of each of the 16 sessions of the program in October, November, and December of 2022. As a quick reminder, this incubator is free and 100% remote; we are happy to serve and welcome founders at the idea stage from all over the world.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


2:08 - Quick recap of episode 112 (https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-112). What we’re doing, what the incubator is, who is it for, etc..

2:46 - Also applicable for people who want to be a CEO of an existing idea being incubated, good resume building experience, etc… Three attributes of a CEO → Cast vision, build a cohesive and performant team, and never run out of money

3:30 - What are the outcomes of the ideation incubator?

4:25 - You’ll have a clickable prototype in figma, market validation (or not, requiring a pivot), and you’ll have a community of people.

5:12 - Overview of the next part of this podcast: info sessions, time exceptions, who should apply, and course syllabus information.

6:06 - More information about the info sessions. These will happen on Fridays. Twitter spaces 12pm PT, then zoom session at 1pm PT. Learn more at https://www.protaventures.com/labs // We’d encourage you to apply to get more info.

8:15 - More details about who should apply? What stage should they be at with their idea?

9:41 - If you have done a lot of ideation work already with your startup idea, it’s still appropriate to apply but there may be some topics that we cover that you’ll want to cover again.

11:24 - There will be some exciting guest speakers that we’ll be revealing soon.

11:34 - Time requirements details for people considering applying to the program. (screen sharing). Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm Pacific US Time will be the sessions. Plus office hours available in the mornings those days.

14:37 - Walking through the program syllabus

15:10 - Session 1 - The Idea

16:49 - Session 2 - The Market

18:03 - Session 3 - The Team (more than just your co-founders)

18:42 - Session 4 - Surveys

19:36 - Session 5 - Interviews

21:30 - Session 6 - Vision (https://www.amazon.com/BE-2-0-Beyond-Entrepreneurship-Business/dp/0399564233)

22:49 - Session 7 - Branding

23:20 - Session 9-10 - Writing/Designing/Creating a Landing Page

25:07 - Session 11 - Marketing

26:03 - Session 12 - Designing the Prototype

26:25 - Session 13 - Internal showcase

27:00 - Session 14-15 - Pitch Deck (even at idea stage)

28:26 - Session 16 - Demo day

29:00 - Schedule of sessions in Oct / Nov / Dec of 2022

29:57 - Final thoughts from Mike about why this incubator / startup society matters.

30:49 - To learn more - go to https://www.protaventures.com/labs and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ProtaVentures) - and follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeyAnderson)