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Introducing the New Startup Incubator Program Hosted by Prota Ventures (Begins Oct 4th, Apply Today) :: with Mike Anderson

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Anderson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeandersonjr/) and I discuss the launch of a new startup incubator program hosted by Prota Ventures (learn more and apply here →  https://www.protaventures.com/labs). We talk about the program’s background, motivation, vision, details, mentorship and investor opportunities, cohort model, and more. Prota has an enormously successful track record of incubating and investing in startups at their earliest stages. This new incubator is for those who either want to work as a startup CEO on an existing idea, bring their own idea to the table, and/or propose a general market area for us to incubate a new startup idea together within.

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1:29 - Setup for the new incubator, in light of the internet era and Web3

2:02 - Mike intro, background, DAOs, and tee-up for the new cohort coming Oct 4th

3:10 - More information about the new incubator with the labs division of Prota Ventures: https://www.protaventures.com/labs 

5:05 - Clarity about the definition of what an “incubator” is, the types of founders that should apply to Prota’s new incubator, whether you have an idea of your own or want to help incubate an existing idea further. You want the demand for your product to be ahead of where your product is at in terms of build/engineering.

7:00 - Web2, to Web2.5, to Web3…and the various types of companies can leverage the changing internet.

7:30 - Mike’s story of back in high school he thought that all the good startup ideas were already taken…but new technology brings new innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

8:30 - How would Will advise entrepreneurs to think about starting and validating their new venture idea: link to apply: https://www.protaventures.com/labs // How to determine if people actually want your new product.

10:45 - You can also apply to this incubator if you want to work on an existing idea.

11:26 - More information about the “Plate” idea that you could be CEO of.

12:31 - More about the structure of the incubator in Q4

14:30 - The Figment story and Will’s background in Web3, different segments in Web3, the power of DAOs.

16:34 - Mike’s commentary on why he’s sending his friends to Prota’s incubator. // “Best path I can imagine for starting a company”

17:33 - More information about the “Startup Rocket” idea that needs a CEO. https://www.startuprocket.com/ 

19:41 - More information about “Satchel” that needs a CEO → https://satchel.works/

20:40 - Info about “Connect Hero”, its need for a CEO, and its promise for the future.

22:35 - Info about “Research and Me” and its need for a CEO → https://www.researchandme.com/

23:35 - Info about 80 West Labs / CEO need → https://www.getvessi.com/

24:49 - Info about the “Workstreams” app / CEO need.

26:28 - Summarizing the community based support and cohort model for the incubator that begins Oct 4th. Mike is hosting welcome meetings between now and when the cohort starts. First meeting is this coming Thursday at 11am PDT.

27:27 - Concluding thoughts from Will, also summarizing what the incubator is and how to apply. Go to → https://www.protaventures.com/labs