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Social entrepreneurship, Nuralink, Reddit, and my health science N=1 experiment this past spring

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Greetings all,

This week’s episode of Ventures explores entrepreneurial efforts to help the poorest of the poor globally. There is a lot to learn and digest here, and I’m excited to share this important conversation:

Global impact investing, social entrepreneurship, and Global Brigades :: with Steve Atamian and Brian Howe

Steve and his team at Global Brigades have approached helping communities around the world in an extremely smart and humble way. Today, about one in five medical students have attended a Brigade, and the positive impact of the organization continues to grow.


If you missed the demo last Friday, here is the full demo (starts about 49min in) and here is a 7min highlight reel. Long story short, Elon & co. have developed an implantable device that puts 1024 small electrodes into the brain to read/write electrical signals. The implications could be significant (from playing video games with your mind, to curing blindness, to storing memories in the cloud, to having a full-on Digital Tertiary Layer)


Many thanks to those of you who chimed in on my post last week in /r/Entrepreneur, which turned into a bit of an AMA. The comments/DMs were super encouraging. I’m glad I was able to help share some stories/lessons learned that will hopefully be helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Health Science

Finally, for those curious, I finished the second and final part of this write up regarding an N=1 experiment I did this past spring:

Whoop vs. Oura Ring vs. Apple Watch for Optimizing Sleep and Workout Performance with Continuous Glucose Monitoring and One Meal a Day: Part 2

Let me know if you have any additional questions :)  


Have a great rest of your week !