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Purpose & meaning in the 2020s, insightful podcasts on Bitcoin, and taking Vitamin D seriously

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guests Kim Porter, Eric Sullivan, Sol Cates, and I go “meta” and ask questions about questions. We discuss creatively in career paths, finding purpose, doing good, helping humans flourish, proving middle-schoolers with mentorship and encouragement, pursuing interesting professional questions, and connecting people.

Check it out: Finding purpose, embracing curiosity, and navigating career paths in the 2020s :: with Kim Porter, Eric Sullivan, and Sol Cates

Insightful podcasts on Bitcoin

There has certainly been no lack of chatter about the following two podcasts:

#171 – Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin (Lex Fridman)

Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, How to Become Noncancelable, the Path to Personal Freedom and Wealth in a New World, the Changing Landscape of Warfare, and More (#506) (Tim Ferriss)

The 6-7 hours of content here is remarkable on multiple fronts, but the three biggest stand-outs for me are (1) the market cap of gold vs. Bitcoin argument (i.e. why Pomp believes in a future state where 1 BTC > $1m USD), (2) the new education economy of providing payment and micro-credentialing to students/apprentices (Balaji), and (3) the luxury of buying time (i.e. time as currency) in the Web 3 era (Pomp).

I’d love to spin up a conversation with you on any of these points (or others) raised in these podcasts.

Taking Vitamin D seriously

Most people - especially those in latitudes closer to the poles - have heard about the need for sufficient Vitamin D, but it’s easy to forget about it and/or not take it seriously. Over the past few years, I’ve appreciated the extensive work that Dr. Rhonda Patrick has done on Vitamin D and have been sufficiently spooked into a regular regime of nightly Vitamin D supplementation (along with a multi, a bunch of VitC, and Mg).

While the link between VitD and COVID is mixed, around 40% of Americans are deficient in VitD and this has serious implications for bone health, at the very least.

So, talk to your doctor about VitD supplementation, especially if you don’t get a lot of sun exposure. I remember first being alerted to it when the medical teams at Sweedish in Seattle said they just tell everyone in the Pacific Northwest to take it.

Have a great rest of your week!