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Lipidology with Dave :: Code with Isaac. Plus, are "mainstream" and "keto" actually getting along?

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Hi everyone,

First, on the health science front: about five years ago I noticed my LDL cholesterol spiked when fasting and/or going on ketogenic diets. I wasn’t alone. Google searching around brought me to cholesterolcode.com where Dave Feldman (@DaveKeto) and his team were running a series of N=1 experiments to help the low-carb community understand what’s going on.

Well, in this week’s episode of Ventures, Dave was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a ton of questions:

Cholesterol, lipidology, ketogenic diets, N=1 experiments, and the future of health technology :: with Dave Feldman

^^ Check it out. (Thanks, Dave.)

Interestingly, yesterday I noticed that Peter Attia released a podcast episode on lipidology as well with Tom Dayspring (lipid expert). I expected there to be a ton of disagreement between these two episodes, but - actually - I was surprised by the nuanced agreement and harmony. It feels like there is (finally) a healthy conversation and concordance happening between key “mainstream” and “keto” leaders around the topics of heart disease and lipidology.  

In short, both sides understand that damaged vessel walls are a bad thing, that LDL particles containing cholesterol get past those damaged walls and contribute to atherosclerosis (i.e. plaque formation in artery walls), and - importantly - in some patients with high LDL-C, lipid-lowering drugs may not be necessary.

This is a really big deal.

Millions of people out there are combating (or trying to prevent) type II diabetes with low-carb diets. If all they are doing is trading one disease for another, that’s a problem. As it turns out, there does appear to be a healthy path forward. I’d encourage you to have a discussion with your doctor based on your learnings from these episodes.

Learn to code as an entrepreneur :: a 34min intro screencast for Windows users

Thanks for all the responses to my request last week for folks interested in participating in a screencast to set up their local machines for software development. I’m excited to release a video today with 14yr-old Issac as we walk through setting up his Windows machine.

Check it out: How to setup Windows to begin developing Ruby on Rails Web Applications.

I’ll release the Mac version soon. You can see the steps in the meantime here. Let me know any/all feedback as you work through it.