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BanyanDAO and our April 29th Web3 Training Day (Mark your calendars)

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Anderson and I talk about all-things BanyanDAO and its upcoming April 29th Training Day event to teach Web3 product architecture, design, and management. In this conversation we cover the history of BanyanDAO, how Mike has been helping to coordinate teams in a decentralized fashion within the organization, the difference between “Pre-season” and “Season 1”, the details of the upcoming event, and what outcomes/topics are most compelling to Mike as someone who is leveling up in Web3.

Check it out: Web3 Product Management, BanyanDAO, and our April 29th Training Day Event for leveling up in Web3 :: with Mike Anderson

More about the April 29th virtual event (I hope you can make it)

I’ve written before: Three reasons why I'm excited about BanyanDAO's April 29, 2022 Training Day event for leveling-up into Web3 product management (← check it out if you missed this one).

The topics are going to be extremely insightful, and I get to personally host / emcee a bunch of the event. We’ll be covering:

  • Welcome and Rapid Fire with Speakers on Web3
  • Cohort Breakout Rooms
  • Journey from Web1 to Web3 and Business Impact
  • Cross-border payments using blockchain technology
  • Tokenization of Value and the Legal Considerations in Web3
  • Leadership in Web3, DAO panel discussion
  • NFTs 101 and use cases
  • Building for Web3 Developers and the PM Journey
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps on Capstone Project

In short, we’ll be covering topics in such a way that you’ll be equipped to be a well-rounded Web3 product manager. While the event was originally geared toward training up Web2 product managers into Web3, it’s become clear that everyone will be able to benefit from attending.

Again, visit https://www.banyandao.xyz/web3-product-manager-training-event to learn more and to register.

I hope to see you there!