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Web3 Product Management, BanyanDAO, and our April 29th Training Day Event for leveling up in Web3 :: with Mike Anderson

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Mike Anderson (https://twitter.com/mikeyanderson) and I talk about all-things BanyanDAO (https://www.BanyanDAO.xyz) and its upcoming April 29th Training Day event to teach Web3 product architecture, design, and management (https://www.banyandao.xyz/web3-product-manager-training-event). In this conversation we cover the history of BanyanDAO, how Mike has been helping to coordinate teams in a decentralized fashion within the organization, the difference between “Pre-season” and “Season 1”, the details of the upcoming event, and what outcomes/topics are most compelling to Mike as someone who is leveling up in Web3.

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2:29 - Intro and setup for the episode. Quick background and history of BanyanDAO from Will’s perspective.

4:24 - Background and history of BanyanDAO (and Web3 in general), from Mike’s perspective.

6:20 - Q4 2021 background and research that Will did on Web3 product management and DAOs (including many episodes here → https://satchel.works/@wclitlte/daos) // Difference between permissioned and permissionless DAOs. // See: DAOHaus.club // see also https://satchel.works/@wclittle/product-management 

9:24 - How is Mike helping to coordinate 100+ smart people to get things done within BanyanDAO.

12:07 - More about BanyanDAO, vision/mission, naming design, etc…

12:39 - April 29, 2022 Training Day event details for learning Web3 product management (speakers, topics, etc.)

15:17 - Go to BanyanDAO.xyz to learn more about the DAO and the event, including different ways to pay for the event (including scholarships available) → https://www.banyandao.xyz/web3-product-manager-training-event 

17:01 - What outcomes are expected for those attending the Training Day event?

18:25 - For people who are just learning about BanyanDAO for the first time, how do you get involved?

19:25 - Difference between “Pre-season” and “Season 1” in BanyanDAO

21:16 - How can DAOs best coordinate people who have limited time per week to participate?

23:49 - Small/simple mechanisms to participate in BanyanDAO, and how compensation happens via https://coordinape.com/ 

25:08 - Nobody can keep their own GIVE tokens, they have to give to receive.

26:29 - Other DAOs that BanyanDAO is working with / partnering with

27:49 - How can someone submit a proposal for a new project within BanyanDAO for Season 1?

29:50 - Of all the topics in the upcoming Training Day event, which ones are Mike most excited about?

31:25 - Where can people learn more about BanyanDAO & Mike (and find them on Twitter)? https://twitter.com/@BanyanDAO & https://twitter.com/@mikeyanderson