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Three reasons why I'm excited about BanyanDAO's April 29, 2022 Training Day event for leveling-up into Web3 product management

BanyanDAO is a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) devoted to promoting human flourishing by growing a community of entrepreneurial leaders. We are a group of 150+ people, most of whom have never met each other in real life (IRL), coming together to - initially - host a Training Day event on April 29, 2022 to help people level-up from Web2 into Web3 product architecture, design, and management.

While most “Learn Web3” resources out there are geared toward software engineers (which is, of course, needed), we are laser-beaming on building a community of Web3 product people who understand the deep paradigm shifts in Web3 (Blockchains, DAOs, NFTs, ERC-20 token models, DeFi, Metaverses, etc…). Our hypothesis is that if we are able to train better product people into Web3, then we’ll see the Web3 community produce better products (which is badly needed).

I’m excited about our upcoming Training Day event for three main reasons:

(1) The incredible speaker-line up

The number of people who understand Web3 product management in the world is very, very small. Now - if we consider the fraction of those people who can teach/communicate effectively, we’re left with an even smaller group. Therefore, I’m incredibly excited that BanyanDAO has found the following people (thus far!) to share with us on April 29th:

(Yeah I left my name in there just for fun. :) I copied/pasted the list from our event page, as of March 15, 2022)

(2) The registration process

While you certainly don’t often hear event planners jump up about their fancy registration process, I’m excited about ours.

First of all, if you don’t want to jump deep into Web3 just yet and mess around with tokens, you can pay $750 USD and register for the event here. This also helps pay for scholarships (more on this below).

However, if you are game to dive into Web3 and walk through a series of steps to acquire 500 wrapped xDAI (wxDAI) on Gnosis Chain, then the event will only cost you the equivalent of $500 USD. PLUS, you can refund your registration fee - less anything in the treasury the DAO has collectively voted on to spend - at any time (even after the event).

In addition, if you are interested in joining BanyanDAO before the event, you can simply add 0.01 wxDAI to a membership proposal after getting to know us in the BanyanDAO Discord server and walking through our short welcome process.

(3) The scholarship program

Finally, BanyanDAO is committed to helping everyone who is interested in attending be able to do so. Simply join our Discord server and get to know us. You’ll be able to DM a moderator and ask for a scholarship.

The reason why we value being able to let everyone attend is because learning Web3 - especially as a product manager - is an incredible opportunity to learn valuable skills. The next generation of entrepreneurs who build the next amazing Web3 products are likely somewhere around the world where the 500 wxDAI is a non-starter, so we’re committed to making the event accessible to all.

Whether you attend the event or not - or join the DAO formally or not - I’m excited to meet you in our Discord server and welcome you to come check it out. I’ll see you there!