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Cybersecurity, Rapid Antigen Tests, Learning to Code, the Enneagram, and Meta-Level New Year’s Resolutions :: with Sol Cates

In this episode of Ventures, Sol Cates (https://twitter.com/solcates, cloud and cybersecurity expert at Thales) and I discuss advice for founders regarding technical infrastructure security. We also have a bit of a Random Show at the end of the year here as we discuss ways to combat COVID-19, provide technical founder training, practice self-discovery with the Enneagram, and think about New Year’s Resolutions.

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In this episode we cover the following:    

3:10 - Sol intro, cloud and cybersecurity expert at Thales.

8:40 - What advice does Sol have for startup founders with regard to cyber security and security by design? Follow a good framework such as Cloud Native.

14:10 - Rapid Antigen Tests. See: https://satchel.works/@wclittle/a-primer-on-viruses-antigens-antibodies-contagiousness-vaccines-and-covid-19-testing Also see: Michael Mina, MD, PhD (Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Immunology, Harvard) that if we were all equipped with rapid antigen tests, we could defeat COVID-19 within a month. Check out this article he wrote in Time and this podcast he did recently with Lex Fridman.  

18:11 - Technical founder training & learning to code. Motivation / background. See: https://satchel.works/@wclittle/learn-to-code-as-an-entrepreneur &  https://www.codefellows.org/ & https://hotwire.dev/ 

25:33 - The Enneagram. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality and Google search around to follow the rabbit trails.

41:29 - New Year's Resolutions. How to develop models that work. Diet, exercise, sleep, time management, money, etc.. For doing your homework on health science, for example, check out: https://satchel.works/@wclittle/health-science.  

46:58 - Last word of advice from Sol; never let a crisis go to waste, build a team of experts around you.

47:38 - Find and follow Sol at https://twitter.com/solcates 

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