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Alphi.xyz updates, how to DYOR in the NFT space, and leveling up your Web3 leadership skills :: with Jesse Bryan and Mike Anderson

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guests Jesse Bryan (https://twitter.com/JesseBryan), Mike Anderson (https://twitter.com/mikeyanderson) and I discuss updates about their startup, Alphi (https://alphi.xyz). We talk about why digital asset ownership is important, how/why Alphi is helping to organize information in the metaverse, how/why to contribute, and how/why to participate in their Leadership Academy to level up your skills in the Web3 space.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


2:10 - Why is digital asset ownership important? (Jesse’s commentary on this)

5:08 - Mike’s commentary on digital asset ownership

6:35 - 10% of global GDP tied up in digital assets.

6:59 - Jesse’s dad’s story working at a car dealership - importance of “owning” the real estate.

8:42 - What is Jesse/Mike’s response to the crypto/NFT skeptics?

13:07 - More about Alph.xyz - (previous episode was https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-113) - Why does Alphi exist?

19:27 - How can someone contribute to Alphi if they know information (new or old) about a collection?

22:58 - What is the incentive mechanism for contributors?

26:30 - Impact, Human Flourishing, and Alphi’s new Leadership Academy. Follow along on Twitter (@alphixyz) to get access to the academy if you are interested.