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Introducing Alphi: Transparency and trusted information for the NFT community :: with Jesse Bryan

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Jesse Bryan (https://twitter.com/jessebryan) and I discuss his new project, Alphi (https://twitter.com/alphixyz). Alphi’s vision is to be a source of trusted and transparent information in the NFT community to help collectors “do their own research” effectively. We talk about the background and motivation for the project, why trusted information is so hard to find, analogies to information being shared from public companies, and more details about Alphi’s product roadmap and timeline.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


1:31 - Episode tee-up from Will, commentary on the NFT space, people who are actually building are shipping new projects daily….it’s hard to keep up.

2:06 - Background of the idea where Alphi came from, information silos, unfair access to information, etc..

3:07 - “Do your own research” // How do you do that? // How did Jesse do this with some of his own research on projects

5:02 - Functional community journalists in projects

5:51 - Building a wikipedia / glassdoor / IMDB style platform for the NFT community

6:30 - Watching out for rug pulls / creating transparency

8:15 - The second piece of Alphi - a daily ticker / feed of more information

8:30 - Why does the NFT space matter? Why does paying attention to it matter?

12:35 - Alphi helps protect non-Web3 native people… it’s a source of trust.

13:31 - Commentary about the amount of alpha buried within Twitter Spaces, discords, etc.. very small number, not falling into the same traps of Web 2

15:00 - “The more you give, the more you have” // Helping people who are working a normal job swinging a hammer

16:54 - Analogy to information being presented at a stockholder meeting for a public company; in the NFT space, that happens in a random Twitter Space and doesn’t even get dropped on an official channel until later (if ever).

19:25 - Generous people who help onboard people into NFT communities. Alphi can help save time since information can be centralized.

20:26 - Alphi product timeline, features to expect. Looking to find community journalists from the different projects. Looking for people to join the Alphi team.

22:26 - Alphi lore / artwork / mechanical hints

23:39 - Is Alphi doing its own NFT drop? More information about the Alphi Genesis drop.

24:53 - Final thoughts - need for Alphi - vision and call-to-action. https://twitter.com/alphixyz