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Startup historians and continuous glucose monitoring

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my father (Larry Little) and I discuss entrepreneurship through the historical lens of the past 100 years. We talk about the arc of history for him personally and his family, and for the global political and economic situation at large. We cover how to find a great startup lawyer, advice for entrepreneurs, thoughts about navigating political polarization, and hope in entrepreneurs to help bring about a better world.

Check it out: Navigating geopolitics, startup lawyers, and the parallels between the 1920s and 2020s :: with Larry Little

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (GCM)

As a non-diabetic, I’ve worn a Dexcom G6 for two short seasons in the past, each lasting about a month. The first time was when I was curious what my blood sugar levels looked like when doing keto (pretty boring, though interestly elevated due to glucose sparing), and the second time was last spring when I was testing my glucose levels during one-meal-a-day (OMAD) while trying to optimize sleep and workouts.

I’ve experimented with OMAD for the past ~20 months, essentially non-stop, and wasn’t able to ever really dial in the optimal sleep and workouts I’ve wanted. I really enjoyed the extra time, energy, and focus that not eating until early evening brought, but found that my workouts - especially the more intense anaerobic workouts - started suffering. Plus, I’d agree with the idea that time-window eating is better when the window is as early as possible….but most of the world is dinner-centric, which makes this very difficult socially.

In addition, new research and conversations (e.g. the rabbit trails from here and here) are hinting that OMAD - especially late-day OMAD - may be negatively affecting lean body mass. And, not surprisingly, lean body mass is key for longevity.

So, if I can ask for everything, and tack on bulking up and trimming down to the main goals of optimal sleep and workouts, that would be ideal (of course). :) Thus, for the past month or so I’ve started a new strength training regime that has allowed me to bulk up pretty fast (both fat and muscle), and now it’s time to trim down while still optimizing sleep and workouts. To do this most effectively, I need to track blood glucose more carefully.

I’m not planning to do keto, which would be the “easy” route if I were optimizing purely for losing fat. But, since the goal is to optimize sleep and workouts (especially anaerobic HIIT and strength training), I’m planning to eat a large-ish breakfast and a small-ish dinner while spiking blood sugar as little as possible (or, at least, go into it eyes wide open).

So, I’d love suggestions on food to test. Have you ever wondered if a certain food or drink is spiking your blood sugar or not? Let me know, I may test it :)

Have a great rest of your week!