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Using blockchains AND AI to build a better Internet

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://linkedin.com/in/wclittle) discuss the recent lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase brought by the SEC. There is no lack of FUD on crypto right now, and it seems like everyone is moving over to AI. Still, both AI and Blockchains are important tools to make a better Internet for us all, and this is the goal of Web3.

Check it out: Blockchains and AI are both Web3 tools. Crypto isn’t dead.

Where do we get our hype?

If you follow social media (and traditional media) trends, you would think that crypto is dead and that everyone is now just working on Generative AI.

While there’s certainly some transition here in focus, the whole narrative setup is foolish. Saying crypto is dead is like saying relational databases are dead. Crypto - in its modern definition - is stuff that blockchains enable. Blockchains ushered in an area of “Web3” similar to how relational databases ushered in Web2.

AI will also be part of the Web3 narrative, as our Internet will now be full of robots, for better or worse. Deepfakes, bots, AI-generated articles/images/videos, etc.. will be the norm.

This is why I deeply believe that we will all have AI assistants very soon, and they will do a LOT more than just handle scheduling and email.

The Generative AI revolution

Bots - using LLMs and diffusion models - will read us like a book. If we program them well, they will help us make better use of our time and money. They will help make us healthier and kinder people. They will help educate our children (and our adults). They will allow civil discourse to be more cordial and nuanced.

Similar to what I wrote last week, I very much welcome and encourage the rapid building of AI.

I also think blockchains are just getting started and we will see a massive bull run after regulatory clarity is set (maybe even before).

Have a great rest of your week!