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Blockchains and AI are both Web3 tools. Crypto isn’t dead.

In this episode of Ventures, I (https://linkedin.com/in/wclittle) discuss the recent lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase brought by the SEC. There is no lack of FUD on crypto right now, and it seems like everyone is moving over to AI. Still, both AI and Blockchains are important tools to make a better Internet for us all, and this is the goal of Web3.

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0:03 - Episode tee-up, where to view/watch, FUD in Crypto

0:43 - More information about the lawsuits and commentary on the space. See also https://www.vox.com/23752826/binance-coinbase-sec-crypto-investors  // https://cointelegraph.com/magazine/binance-coinbase-head-to-court-and-the-sec-labels-67-crypto-securities-hodlers-digest-june-4-10/ // https://www.coindesk.com/consensus-magazine/2023/06/13/the-industry-doesnt-want-the-answers-josh-klayman-on-coinbase-and-binance/ 

4:10 - Are people just switching from Crypto to AI? How do these tools benefit humanity?

6:05 - More about Impact Stream – creating transparent streams of impact between digital and IRL communities. Check it out → https://impact.stream 

7:10 - Donate to impact stream at impactstream.eth

7:30 - Do I think crypto is dead? No. Just like relational databases aren’t dead. Regulatory clarity will be good.