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NFTs bridging digital and physical, and ChatGPT changing how we teach software development

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Greetings all, in this week's episode of Ventures, my guest Scott Kveton (https://twitter.com/kveton, co-founder of https://jump.co) and I discuss how to bring real-world assets into the NFT space. We talk about Art Basel, why it's good that people are calling crypto "dead", the Jump.co features available today for customers/partners and their audiences, a comparison between NFTs and the early mobile market, NFTs for restaurant owners, and how ChatGPT/GPT-4 will revolutionize the industry.

Check it out: Bridging physical and digital with NFTs, the Jump.co story :: with Scott Kveton

More on ChatGPT & Web development

Will ChatGPT disrupt the low-code/no-code movement?

Fundamentally, being able to build robust apps (web, mobile, desktop, browser extensions, etc...) is a mechanism for creating an extraordinary amount of wealth. Combined with a successful marketing and/or sales strategy, a software startup can add tangible value for the world.

It's not a zero sum game; the more that people understand how to build and market software products, the more that everyone wins.

The promise of low-code/no-code is to save a significant amount of time and money when building apps. However, in the "real world" there are no lack of stories of people who tried to execute a MVP build on a no-code/low-code platform and ended up rebuilding it in a modern web development framework. This ended up costing them even more time/money than if they built it from scratch to start.

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