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Bridging physical and digital with NFTs, the Jump.co story :: with Scott Kveton

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Scott Kveton (https://twitter.com/kveton, co-founder of https://jump.co) and I discuss how to bring real-world assets into the NFT space. We talk about Art Basel, why it's good that people are calling crypto "dead", the Jump.co features available today for customers/partners and their audiences, a comparison between NFTs and the early mobile market, NFTs for restaurant owners, and how ChatGPT/GPT-4 will revolutionize the industry.

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1:13 - Tee-up for the episode, investing in Web3 since 2017, topics of interest each year.

1:47 - How Scott got into Web3

3:58 - About Art Basel and what happened this year, crypto as "bolted on" to the side of the event

6:18 - Why saying "crypto is dead" means we have a lot more to teach the world

6:47 - NFTs w/ IRL assets, typical things that people think about.

7:04 - Scott teaching us about how to think about NFT/physical asset bridging. More about what Jump.co offers.

9:51 - Who are the partners / customers for Jump.co -- to start, for those who have millions of dollars of assets that want to get into the NFT space with their assets.

11:34 - Urban airship / push notifications - how Scott got laughed out of partner meetings (when people didn't believe in mobile) -- analogies to NFTs now.

12:20 - What might partnerships with big car brands look like? This is more applicable for people who have vintage cars (e.g. for people who may want to go in together and buy a car like this)

13:00 - NFT drop for a restaurant, number of tables multiplied by available time. New revenue stream for restaurants.

14:02 - NFT marketplaces for time/place - e.g. the example of concerts

14:46 - Artist/athelete - first sale can go to charity, secondary sales royalty to fun the artist.

15:43 - Real Estate / Property -- implications w/ Jump.co -- expanding beyond Real Estate to date.

17:50 - How flexible is Jump.co in terms of its white-label solution. What is the functionality of the product right now?

20:15 - Importance of value-creation in NFTs and web3 things. Where does Scott see value-creation in the near future for NFTs in particular?

21:30 - Macro crypto issues / regulatory clarity

22:30 - ChatGPT / GPT-4 / AI-overloads interacting. How does Scott see AI interacting with NFTs/Web3?

24:22 - Where can people find out more about Jump? Check out https://jump.co // @Kveton on Twitter