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Global culture, Web3 strategies, and purpose above noise

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, my guest Phillip Tran (https://mobile.twitter.com/ptran, CMO at https://madworld.io/) and I discuss Web3 strategies for IRL and specific market verticals. We talk about how MADWorld is partnering with key brands, plans in LA and Miami this week, advice for new Web3 entrepreneurs, commentary on the current market, and recommendations for how those new to Web3 can get up to speed.

Check it out: MADworld.io: Web3 strategies for streetwear, music, anime, and sports around the world :: with Phillip Tran


I don’t “social media” much, but when I do open Twitter, the algo setting (which is the worst setting to use) is full of Elon/Twitter things, SBF, bankruptcy things, people shilling their thing, people yelling at each other, people posting fake things, and general mayhem.

Other social media sites are basically the same.

Traditional media is basically the same.

It’s really hard to “news” these days. Who do we trust? Why do we even care about the “news”, anyway?

In December I’m planning to do a lot of classic “end of year reflecting” and take stock of basically everything. For example: Why am I doing the things I do? How can I better help the entrepreneurs I invest in and those I haven’t even met yet? What strategies should I pursue with this newsletter and the Ventures podcast, etc..

Most of this comes back to purpose. Professionally, my purpose has always been three words: “Invest in Entrepreneurs”. At Prota Ventures - a VC/incubator group I co-founded - our purpose is to promote human flourishing by investing holistically in entrepreneurs.

Reading the book Essentialism helped hone the strategies I’m going to be using to prioritize the “things/projects” I do and how I’ll connect them back to my (and my company’s) purpose.

I’m curious, how are you planning to cut out the non-essential things in your life? What tools/tricks/books/methods do you use?

Have a great rest of your week!