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Angel Investing 101 for founders to be aware of...and do you know a great COO candidate?

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I took the liberty to record a short monologue that outlines how I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle/) and my partners at Prota Ventures (https://www.protaventures.com) evaluate early stage venture deals and teach new investors how to conduct basic diligence. I briefly discuss what aspects of your founder team, product experience, market dynamics, traction nuances, and believability of your financial model commonly stand out to investors - for better or worse - when making allocation decisions.

Check it out: Venture capital and angel investing insights for founders: How investors *should* evaluate your team, product, market, traction, and financial model

Looking for a great COO candidate

Amazing Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are hard to come by, especially ones that can help scale an organization that simultaneously runs a services division, labs division, and ventures division (i.e. the group I helped co-found, Prota Ventures).

My partners and I are at the point now between the track record and stories of VendorHawk, Figment, Stix, BirdBuddy, Startup Rocket (and a bunch of new venture stories I’m excited to share later this year), we are in need of senior leadership to help us scale operations.

Here is the job posting on JobScore.

If you or someone you know has led operations of growing businesses and has proven acumen for venture building/investing, I would love for you to share the job posting and make an introduction. Feel free to use this email thread and loop them in.


Have a great rest of your week,