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Web3, entrepreneurship, Twitter, and building vs. talking

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Greetings all,

In this week’s episode of Ventures, I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/wclittle/) take about ~10min to talk about my perspective on why Web 3 (i.e. decentralized ownership, blockchains, Metaverse, and the Semantic Web) will dramatically change the landscape for entrepreneurship in the future. Based on feedback from the first year of this podcast, I share a bit about my story; i.e. how building and *owning* my own Web 2.0 ventures in the 2000s is analogous to what many entrepreneurs are doing right now in Web 3 communities. New communities and networks are being created rapidly, and the markets that our children will participate in the future are almost impossible for us to conceive of today.

Check it out: How Web 3.0 will impact the future of entrepreneurship

Building vs. Talking

I recently unfollowed everyone on Twitter (it had gotten pretty cluttered after 10+ years of never cleaning house) and followed a bunch of Web 3 folks. My feed is now full of a lot of “talkers” that are - actually - making some really great points. They are helping me wrap my head around what Web 3 is, where it’s heading, why it’s helpful for humanity, etc…

Still, the builder/entrepreneur in me wants to get to work. Yes, it’s helpful to communicate Web 3 principles, tell stories, etc… but to what end?  

Personally, I’m excited about this Web 3 Product Manager Training Cohort I’m spinning up in collaboration with my friends at Figment. Telling stories about Web 3 helps “market” the concept to attract people into the space, but what we need is “product people” who understand how to lead teams to bring experiences to life in Web 3.

So, the answer is to do both in parallel. Tell the stories, make Web 3 easier to understand and work with, AND get to work building things. Join DAOs. Participate. Run through Figment Learn and RabbitHole. Get up to speed on the networks, tooling, patterns, NFT clubs, DAOs, etc… I know this is a big ask, so a big part of why we’re running this Web 3 PM cohort is to develop succinct educational material to help quickly ramp up experienced PMs to add value in Web 3.  We’re trying to distill a ton of noise out there into an extremely high degree of signal, and we’ll look forward to then offering this curriculum/process for future cohorts (likely under a DAO structure of our own).

Have a great rest of your week!