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Web3 Product Management in DAOs, Dynamic NFTs, and Why Web3 Matters :: with Chase Merlin

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Chase Merlin (https://twitter.com/ChaseMerlin) and I discuss product management in Web3, specifically how he is approaching his projects within InfoTokenDAO (https://twitter.com/infotokendao) and BanyanDAO (https://twitter.com/BanyanDAO). We talk about how Chase got into Web3, how product managers need to think about Web3 differently than Web2, how NFTs are used in InfoToken, how dynamic NFTs will be used within BanyanDAO to signal progress, how to get involved and help, and why Web3 matters in general for humanity.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


1:35 - Tee-up for the episode, i.e. this is part of an informal mini-series within this show on why Web3 matters

1:59 - Chase background: Web2 to Web3 product management, startups, growth teams, front-end flows, DeFi summer 2020, InfoToken, and BanyanDAO

3:07 - Product management: what is it in the Web2 world? What have Chase’s roles been like?

4:37 - Product management in Web3. Background on BanyanDAO (leveling-up Web2 product managers into Web3).

6:07 - More information about InfoToken (https://informationtoken.io/) https://twitter.com/infotokendao 

8:10 - Is InfoToken capped at 100 people? (info about their scouts program)

9:00 - How were/are NFTs a part of InfoToken?

9:40 - InfoTokens were originally dropped for free. Who got access to them originally?

10:46 - Fascinating model using NFTs as a gated community, where the NFTs are originally dropped for free.

11:13 - More information about the type of work happening within InfoToken DAO.

12:25 - AMM on Optimism (explanation) → Product launch: https://twitter.com/VelodromeFi 

15:30 - NFT project within BanyanDAO that Chase is leading. (Dynamic NFTs)

17:46 - Will these be Soul-Bound / Non-Transferable NFTs?

18:42 - What chain will these be issued on?

19:11 - How is Chase leading the DAO team to go through “the product management process” when working on this project?

21:57 - Will these NFTs be profile pics?

22:44 - For people in BanyanDAO - or not yet in - how can people help with this project?  (If you aren’t a part of BanayanDAO yet, check out https://banyandao.xyz/)

24:00 - Call to action - jump into BanyanDAO’s discord server

24:38 - How is InfoToken operated as a DAO? What tooling is used?

25:17 - How are people compensated within InfoTokenDAO?

26:35 - Why does all this matter? Why does Web3 matter in Chase’s opinion?

28:42 - Where can people learn more about Chase, BanyanDAO, and VelodromeFi? https://twitter.com/ChaseMerlin // https://banyandao.xyz/ // https://twitter.com/VelodromeFi