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Web3 and human flourishing in the developing world :: with Daniel Wilson, PhD

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Daniel Wilson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-wilson-phd-46956b35) and I continue our conversation from last episode to dive into how Web3 can (and should) be used to help human flourishing. We talk about the basics of Web3, how creators can receive direct compensation for their work easily from anywhere in the world, the implications of programmable money for developing communities, the story behind Daniel’s startup (https://smartstream.app/), and how NFTs can be used to start all kinds of businesses and NGOs globally.

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2:49 - Quick recap of Part 1 of this conversation (https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-96)

3:27 - Daniel’s Web3 story; how he got into it. His “ah ha” moment. Learning about DeSo, DAOs, and NFTs from the perspective of the developing world.

9:30 - Daniel receives a $50 USD tip for a simple post, in the country of Georgia. This encapsulates the idea that value creation is getting much closer to value capture in Web3, all around the world.

11:47 - Quick Web3 101: What are blockchains? What are NFTs?

13:28 - What is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)? // Daniel’s on-the-spot definition: “Cooperation by Code for a Common Cause”

14:35 - How does Daniel see Web3 as a mechanism to help humans flourish globally.

18:03 - All the different terms in Web3 should be talked about in a multi-disciplinary way. The mosaic of the disciplines is what makes Web3 so compelling.

19:50 - What is Daniel doing right now in the Web3 space? (Compassionate Innovation, human language technology).

21:14 - Daniel’s ideas in the Web3 payments space, based on programmable money. For example, payment for devices based on use (like a vending machine, but for many more types of devices).

23:40 - How does money flow happen right now to lower resourced communities around the world right now? Stories from Fintech. Story of ~57k retail shops in bangladesh that can convert SMS money into fiat money.

25:49 - What are the cool things that can be done with programmable money to promote human flourishing? (Payment staking, improving remittances (remittances to earn), loyalty tokens, launching businesses with NFTs)

28:30 - Yuga labs / otherside deeds / bringing the Ethereum blockchain to a halt / imagine if launching your business was like this. Solving the cold start problem. Users can just sell their NFT when they are done with your product.

31:15 - The Internet of Things, when connected to streaming payments, can also incentivize behavior such as building better products to last.

33:01 - Helping the developing world if pay-to-use models allow better appliances and things to be built

35:55 - More about Daniel’s startup: SmartStream.

38:35 - (https://smartstream.app/)  – can put in your email and check out the white paper

39:10 - Summarizing our Part 1 and Part 2 conversations here.

40:25 - What really excites Daniel about the future of Web3 - more innovation that is compassionate. Whatever backs your currency is what you want to see more of in the world.

44:55 - Best way to get a hold of Brandon online to continue the conversation.  Twitter: @danwils (academic) @geoframeai (web3 & smart stream) // Also: @_smartstream_ // LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-wilson-phd-46956b35/ // email: daniel@smartstream.app