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Strategies and tactics for marketing NFT projects successfully :: with Arvin Khamseh

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Arvin Khamseh (https://twitter.com/arvinknft) and I discuss the NFT landscape in terms of current best practices for how to build and market to a community of buyers and evangelists. We talk about the wide variety of NFT use-cases, the importance of a compelling team and roadmap in an NFT project, and a number of extremely practical tips for how to market an NFT collection successfully based on Arivin’s impressive track record in the space.

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1:58 - Tee-up and background about NFTs and marketing them.

2:19 - Arvin background, history, and story getting into Web3.

3:51 - What was it about NFTs that captured Arvin? What was his “ah ha” moment?

6:32 - What are the various NFT use-cases that captured (and continue to capture) Arvin’s attention?

10:52 - What has captivated Will in the NFT space.

12:54 - What is Arvin’s advice for how folks can properly get the word out in this space?

19:21 - Clarity in NFT roadmaps and communication to buyers

24:00 - For those new to the NFT space, what is the history of “whitelisting” ? What is the marketing tactic here?

27:15 - Tracker bot that will measure levels in your discord server. See https://top.gg/tag/leveling

29:05 - What has Arvin seen out there regarding the best NFT projects out there?

34:14 - For people who want to continue the conversation with Arvin, what is the best way to get a hold of him? https://twitter.com/arvinknft // https://soldoutnfts.io/