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The importance of diverse perspectives in media, and the Expert Bookings Online (EBO) story :: with Crystal Berger

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Crystal Berger (https://www.expertbookingsonline.com/) and I talk about how her new company Expert Bookings Online (EBO) is working to create a simple marketplace solution for content producers and a wide diversity of subject-matter experts. In addition to making it fast and efficient for content producers to book experts, EBO will also help surface and train experts from all over the world - who would otherwise be overlooked - to be ready to be guests on shows to share their opinions and perspectives.

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2:14 - Crystal’s introduction, background, and story of starting EBO.

3:50 - Was Crystal always an entrepreneur as a kid? Or did she adapt into an entrepreneur later in life?

6:41 - Working in a newsroom for a decade, how was Crystal able to use her entrepreneurial skills to add value in her job?

10:39 - Getting more personal, why is it so important to Crystal to bring diverse perspectives to media?

13:50 - What is the story of EBO? What is the origin story?

16:15 - Love, Safety, and Freedom.

17:00 - What are the nuts and bolts of EBO?

19:00 - How is EBO going to maintain quality and trust for the content producers?

22:11 - How do booking producers maintain quality right now? How will that change (or not change) with EBO?

24:11 - How will search and profile scanning / trust signaling look like in EBO?

25:43 - Why it’s so important for EBO to do the PR/publicist training on how to be ready to go onto media.

26:39 - From Crystal’s background, where has she seen civil conversation? Does that exist anymore?

28:43 - Who is the audience / customer on the B2B side for EBO?

31:06 - Where can experts and content producers find crystal / EBO online? https://www.expertbookingsonline.com/