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The past, present, and future of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) :: with Spencer Graham

In this episode of Ventures, my guest Spencer Graham (https://twitter.com/spengrah) and I discuss all-things DAOs. We talk about the history of DAOs, specific case studies and types, a compelling no-code platform (https://DAOHaus.club), when and why to use DAOs, and the promising future of these organizations in the overall technology and innovation space.

You can watch this episode below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “Ventures”).


1:25 - Tee-up for why we are going to be talking about DAOs on this episode

2:18 - Spencer's introduction and journey into the DAO space.

5:56 - History lesson of DAOs. From “The DAO” to Spencer’s involvement in https://www.raidguild.org/ 

12:35 - Is Raid Guild a Moloch DAO? How is this different from an ERC-20-based DAO?

15:10 - Where did the name “Moloch DAO” come from? https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/07/30/meditations-on-moloch/ 

15:58 - Case Study: What does Raid Guild do? How do they operate as a DAO?

18:04 - What happens if there are competing forces in how to operate the DAO?

20:43 - Tell us about https://DAOHaus.club, how to get involved, etc...

23:00 - As a product manager thinking about how to build in Web3 paradigms, how and when would someone think about using a DAO and use DAOHaus?

28:33 - If a new founder team is building a HRtech platform, for example, should they organize as a DAO?

31:47 - Composability of leveraging DAOs for a vision/mission for a company. How extensible is DAO engineering on DAOHaus? See: https://daohaus.club/docs/users/minion/ 

33:03 - What is xDAI? Is DAOHaus on xDAI? // https://www.xdaichain.com/

34:40 - What is the difference between a rollup and side chain? Optimistic-rollup or zk-rollup?

36:39 - What is the future of DAOHaus and DAOs in general?

39:52 - For a Web 3 PM, when should they start a Moloch DAO vs. a traditional company?

42:41 - Where can people find DAOHaus and Spencer online? https://DAOHaus.club // https://twitter.com/spengrah