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How to start a business :: with Dave Parker, Troy Henikoff, and Alex Giannikoulis

In this episode of Ventures, we pull clips from Ep43 (Dave Parker), Ep14 (Troy Henikoff), and Ep47 (Alex Giannikoulis) to dive into the specific topics surrounding ideation, validation, creation, and early growth of a new business. We talk about market-first vs. team-first, finding a co-founder, financial modeling, and practical advice from the perspective of investors and entrepreneurs on how to build a company from the ground up.

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In this episode we cover the following:

1:16 - Dave Parker (from Ep43) on market-first analysis when picking a good idea

9:47 - Troy Henikoff (from Ep14) on ideation, validation, finding a co-founder, fundraising, and financial modeling.

47:20 - Alex Giannikoulis (from Ep47) on how he built a startup differently after taking a season as an angel investor and venture capitalist.