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What is Web 3.0? :: With Tony Sager, Sol Cates, Lorien Gabel, Andrew Cronk, Tony Little, and Spencer Graham

In this episode of Ventures, we’ve pulled together clips from Episodes 2, 18, 31, and 48 to describe specifically the definition of Web 3.0...what it is, why it’s important, and what the vision is for its future. Along the way we talk about the history of Web 1 & 2, blockchains, scaling trust, and the Web 3.0 stack from the perspective of a Web 3.0 product manager and entrepreneur.

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In this episode we cover the following:

1:10 - Tony Sager and Sol Cates (from Ep31). History of Web 1.0 and thoughts on Web 2 and 3.

11:44 - Lorien Gabel, Andrew Cronk, and Tony Little (from Ep2). What is a blockchain?

17:16 - Andrew Cronk on defining Web 3.0 (from Ep48).

18:45 - Spencer Graham and Tony Little on Scaling Trust and the Web 3.0 Stack (from Ep18)

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